BMC Helix Cloud Cost overview

BMC Helix Cloud Cost is a cost expense management solution that enables optimization of cloud resource costs by eliminating wasted spend and budget overruns. The following cloud providers are supported:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • On-premises

You can access BMC Helix Cloud Cost by using any supported desktop browser. 

BMC Helix Cloud Cost is available as service on BMC Helix Portal. For details, see the BMC Helix Portal documentation. Open link

Business value

Digital transformation is driving rapid cloud adoption, causing a significant change in IT infrastructure buying practices along with a shift from IT capital budget to IT operational budget. This creates new challenges for IT organizations as they are unprepared for the complexity in identifying cloud resources needed and determining the best price models to use. With buyers of public cloud services throughout the organization, IT and business owners are often surprised with budget overruns and overspending.

BMC Helix Cloud Cost provides visibility and control of cloud costs. Self-service views keep budget owners, project owners and stakeholders informed and in control of their cloud operational spend and budgets. With automated recommendations and actions, cloud resource services remain optimized, eliminating wasted spend. Using machine learning, anomalous spending is detected. This, along with thresholds and alerts on spend, keep budget owners informed and in control, preventing budget overruns. The ability to establish and automatically enforce business guidelines ensure cloud buying and operations are compliant with business and regulatory policies.


The following table provides a list of the key features of the product:

Cost visibility
  • Gain visibility into current and projected cloud infrastructure service expenditures and utilization.
  • Access summarized and detailed views of the cloud costs based on different dimensions.
Cost optimization
  • Report cloud costs based on stakeholder and business needs.
  • Track wasted resources.
Manage use of Reserved Instances
  • Determine the idle or overallocated VMs in the infrastructure.
  • Obtain recommendations to handle the idle and overallocated VMs.
  • Determine the estimated savings that you can achieve by implementing the recommendations.
Predict budget overruns
  • Set thresholds for budget management triggering alerts
  • Avoid unplanned spending and budget overruns

Video introduction

The following video (3:09) provides a brief introduction of the product.

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