This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Change Management.

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Task implementation for Change Management

When tasks are added to a change request, the change can be implemented by using the tasks implementers. Task implementers are the users or groups responsible for the tasks related to a change request. In the Implementation stage of the request, the change coordinator (or change manager) reviews all the tasks that are needed to complete the change request. When you plan a change request, determine whether you can divide it into separate tasks. Change requests typically start in the Draft status and any related task groups or tasks are in Staged status. When the change request status is set to Scheduled, the following actions occur:

  • If there is a task group, the first task group in the list is activated, and its status is set to Work In Progress. The status of the first task in the task group is set to Assigned.
  • If there is no task group, the first task in the list is activated and its status is set to Assigned.


If you create a change request and then do not save it before you close it, the tasks that you have created do not exist because there is no parent change request.

The Tasks tab displays the tasks that must be performed to complete the change. You can use task groups to manage changes with many tasks, each having its own schedule, task implementer, and plan. For less complex changes, tasks are optional. A single change can have an any number of tasks. After a task is assigned to a support group or an individual, the assignee receives notifications to perform the various task activities based on the change process.


For simpler changes, tasks are optional. If no tasks are created, the change is assigned to a change implementer.

After the tasks are assigned, task implementers can start work on their tasks when the change request reaches the Implementation stage. They log their progress as they complete each task. When all the tasks related to a change request are either closed or cancelled, the change is set to Complete and the requester and manager are notified that the change is resolved.

The change approver requires the Change User permission to access change request and task records. For more information about the process, see the following topics:

For more information about configuring and administering the Task Management System, see Configuring the Task Management System.

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