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Implementing change requests in the Implementation stage

In the Implementation stage, the change coordinators take over responsibility of working on the change request according to the approved dates and plans. Change coordinators are support staff members with specialized abilities who handle the details of the change request.

Change coordinators frequently exercise lead responsibilities based on factors such as location, skill set, troubleshooting skills, difficulty of the change request, and company (if you are a service provider). In large companies, the change manager would be responsible for the overall changes such as scheduling, but the change coordinator would perform the day-to-day management of the change request process. For example, building and reviewing change plans, managing the change implementer, and making sure that the change proceeds in a timely fashion.

After the change request is in this stage, when the change coordinator begins the change implementation process, all the implementation tasks get activated depending on their sequence (that is, predecessor or successor). At this point, the change coordinator can also cancel the change request or can restart the request, if something has changed in the schedule or plan.

The following topics provide more information about implementing changes:

The responsibilities of a change coordinator include the following tasks:

  • Gathering appropriate information based on the type of change being investigated.
  • Associating related CIs, incidents, and services to the change request.
  • Providing status updates to requesters.
  • Reviewing change plans and schedules. Planning activities include, scheduling the change request, assessing risk and impact, creating plans, defining and sequencing the tasks needed to accomplish the change request, and scheduling people and resources for each task.
  • Reviewing all the completed tasks. In the Implementation stage, at least one task related to the change request is in progress.
  • Conducting post implementation reviews to validate the results of the change request.
  • Determining requester satisfaction with the change request.

The change request remains in the Implementation stage until all tasks are completed, all required approvals are granted, and the reviewers verify that the change was implemented.

The following process flow diagram explains the recommended steps and the roles that play a part in the Implementation stage.

After the change request implementation tasks are complete, the request proceeds to the Authorization for Close Down approval stage.

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