Node History

The Node History screen allows you view reported errors, warnings and suggested resolution. You can click on any error or warning to view additional details.

To view the Node History

  1. Click Administration > Gateway Manager > Gateway Reports.
  2. Click Node History to view the report.

Node History

Details displayed on the Node History page

ConsoleSelect the Gateway Manager console for which you want to view the node history.
Manager RunSelect the Gateway Manager Run to filter the node history list displayed.
SeveritySelect if you want to view only Errors, Warnings, both, or everything.
Number of daysSelect the number of days for which you want to view the node history. You can select between 1 and 5 days, or select All to view the complete node history.
Sort BySelect the table column on which you want to sort the table.
Sort TypeSelect if you want to sort ascending or descending.
NodeDisplays the name of the node. Click the name to view the Manager Run name, and Console name.
DateDisplays the dates for the manager runs along with corresponding details.

Displays the status for the node for the corresponding run. Click on the Warning or Error status to display a popup window with detailed information and suggestions for resolving the same.


Detailed information examples

The following examples display the details displayed after you click on the Errors for Collect and Transfer.

Detailed collect information exampleDetailed transfer information example
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