Ceph Systems view


The Ceph System view is intended for administrators who use Storage All-in-One for TrueSight Capacity Optimization and want the Ceph specific terminology to be used in views rather than the vendor-agnostic terminology. Vendor-agnostic terminology is provided in the Storage Systems view page.

Red Hat Ceph View was renamed Ceph Systems View. If you previously installed version 20.02.01, it is highly recommended to manually delete the system task Red Hat Ceph Capacity Views – Data Mart Materializer.

To access the view, in the TrueSight console navigation pane, select Capacity > Views > Storage > Ceph Systems.

You can choose to view the data for a specific domain, tag, or time period by using the corresponding filters. For more information, see Using filtering options in views in the TrueSight console.


Configured Gateway Server and Capacity Agents as described in the TrueSight Capacity Optimization documentation.


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  1. Steffen Gruebler

    Please correct the Storage All-in-one link on this page to https://docs.bmc.com/docs/capacityoptimization/btco2002/storage-all-in-one-etl-for-truesight-capacity-optimization-914178269.html. It currently points to https://docs.bmc.com/docs/capacityoptimization/btco115/netapp-data-ontap-etl-for-truesight-capacity-optimization-830156792.html.

    Aug 24, 2020 03:54
    1. Manisha Moon

      Hi Steffen,

      Thank you for pointing this out.

      I have corrected the link now.



      Aug 24, 2020 06:35