Reusing out-of-the-box content use cases for lines of business

As a case business analyst, you can copy the out-of-the-box use cases from the content packages to reuse them for different lines of business in an environment. When you copy the use cases, all related content, such as configuration data and related objects, is copied to the target line of business. You can also view the content that can be copied for a content use case before you copy it. You can only copy a single use case at a time.


You can copy the New Hire Onboarding use case from the Calbro Human Resources line of business from the Calbro Services company to the HR line of business from a different company and reuse the artifacts in the use case.

Content use cases that you can copy

The following content use cases in BMC Helix Business Workflows are available for reuse:

Line of businessContent uses cases that you can reuse
BMC Sample Facilities

Employee Travel Request & Health Status Check for COVID Prevention 

Office Visit Request

Office Supplies & Infrastructure

Self-Report COVID Template

COVID Protocol Violation Reporting

COVID Emergency Helpdesk Template

COVID Support Volunteering & Resources Template

BMC Sample Human Resources

Change My Address

Maternity Leave Request

Generate Employee Verification Letter

Generate Visa Letter

Employee Resignation

New Hire

Artifacts in the use case

When you copy a use case, the following configuration data and related objects are copied:

Configuration dataRelated objects
  • Case templates
  • Task templates
  • Dynamic data
  • Automated task processes
  • Task flow processes
  • Notification templates
  • Document templates
  • Flowsets
  • Custom status
  • Record definitions
  • Views
  • Processes and rules
  • Documents

Source and target

Copy a content use case from a source line of business to the following combination of target line of business and company:

Line of business

Different line of business

Different company

Different line of business

Same company

Different line of business

Global company

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have access to the source and target lines of business to copy the use cases.
  • Ensure that the objects that are referred to in the views that you want to copy, such as record definitions, processes, and documents have Scope = Public in the source line of business.

To copy content use cases for lines of business

  1. In BMC Helix Business Workflows, click Settings .
  2. Select Content Use Cases Management > Content Use Cases.
  3. Select a content use case from the list of use cases.
  4. Click Copy.
  5. Select a target line of business and a target company.
  6. Select the target owner group.
  7. Click Copy.
    When a use case is recopied, the contents are merged.
  8. Click Close.


You can view the details of the job on the Run History tab:

You can view the status of the job along with other details. To view more details, click the use case name.

The use case content that is copied to the target line of business is displayed in the respective sections, such as case templates, task templates, notification templates. If use case has tasks from more than one line of business, all those task are copied to single target line of business. All artifacts are copied in the Draft status.

What to do next

After the use case is successfully copied, complete the following steps:

  • Change the references in the views to point to the target line of business and remove the references to the source line of business. References in processes point to the target line of business. However, if the processes have references to custom record definitions, update them manually to point to the target line of business.
  • Catalog items in the copied view point to the case templates from the BMC sample lines of business. To point to the correct Catalog items, complete the following steps:

    1. Copy the workflow and questionnaire from the Catalog.
    2. Create a new Service Catalog.
    3. Point the Catalog to the copied case template in the target line of business.
  • Update the URL in notification templates for emails and alerts that navigates to a view as per the target line of business.

  • For the following views, change the referenced record definition to the target line of business:

    • Self Declaration Form Create

    • Self Declaration Form Preview

    When you confirm the change to the target line of business, fields and components in the record are removed. You must add the fields and components as they were in the source line of business in the target line of business.

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