Navigating BMC Helix Business Workflows

BMC Helix Business Workflows is a case management solution for multiple lines of business, that helps case agents and case business analysts to complete tasks that they perform frequently. To learn more about the tasks you can perform based on your role, see User goals and features.

The following figure shows the options that you can access after you log on to BMC Helix Business Workflows from the home page.


The following table describes the BMC Helix Business Workflows UI elements:

AnnotationUI elementDescription
1Navigation bar

Access menus

Navigate to the following options available in BMC Helix Business Workflows:

  • Workspace menu—Displays the available workspaces—Case, Task, and Knowledge. Each workspace displays a list of cases, tasks, and knowledge articles created.
  • Quick Case—Quick Case enables you to enter the details of the employee issue while you speak to the employee and then create the case by using that information.
    For more information, see Case creation options
  • Create menu—Displays options to create cases and knowledge articles.
    For more information about cases, see Case creation options
    For more information about knowledge articles, see Creating and publishing knowledge articles.

  • Manage Catalog—Accessible only to agents with the Case Catalog Administrator functional role. Click to open the BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog and review the cases created for a particular service in a given time period.
    For more information about why and how to access services in the BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog, see Enabling automatic case creation from BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced service requests.

  • Reports—Accessible only to agents with the Case Manager functional role. Click to launch the Reporting dashboard and access reports.
    For more information, see Viewing reports.

Shows the notifications for your profile.

For example, when a case is assigned to you, a message is displayed.

Shows your basic details like company, contact, email ID, address, and manager. These details are displayed if they are added to your person record in the Foundation data. You can also view the cases that you created, cases that are assigned to you, and your manager's details by clicking the manager's name.

Shows the configuration settings for different functional areas for example, Knowledge Management, Service Level Management, Email.

By default, BMC Helix Business Workflows is displayed as shown in the figure. It also lists the applications that are available in the BMC Helix Innovation Suite.

Select an application to navigate to it.

Navigates to the BMC Helix Business Workflows online technical documentation.

Search for all record types and related information for a term by using the global search interface.

The search can be performed across all available information types like cases, tasks, templates, people, and documents or be restricted to a single record type. You also have the option to preview the results displayed for cases, tasks or knowledge articles.

The search results display a maximum of 50 records per information type.

BMC Helix Business Workflows searches in the following fields:

  • Cases—Case Summary and Case Description
  • Tasks—Task Summary and Task Description
  • Case Templates—Template Name, Template Summary, and Template Description
  • Task Templates—Template Name and Template Description fields
  • People—Full name, Login ID, Email ID, and Job Title
    Note: Full name contains a combination of the First Name and Last Name fields or the Preferred Name and Last Name field, depending on the availability of the preferred name in the People Record.
  • Knowledge articles—Knowledge Article ID or Content ID, Knowledge Article Title,
    Keywords, and Attachments
  • Documents—Document Name, Keywords, and Attachments



List of cases

3Case ID

Open a case.

4Search grid

Search for a case by entering the keywords or case ID.


Filter the listed records by entering or selecting values.

For example, you want to view high priority records assigned to Kye Petersen. To view these records, in the Filter list, select High from the Priority list, enter the assignee name in the Assignee field, and click Apply.

You can use preset filters that are available for cases, tasks, and knowledge articles to narrow down your search. Preset filters are filters that are available out of the box for cases, tasks, and knowledge articles. Learn more about creating filters in Defining filter presets to search records Open link .


Modify the visible columns (Company, Flowset, and so on) in the workspace.

For example:

  • If you want to view cases that belong to a company, select Company from the available options.
  • If you want to view cases created for a specific Flowset, select Flowset from the available options.

Shows a list of cases that you are watching.


The Knowledge workspace in the Workspace menu provides the following additional UI elements:

  • The Create Knowledge option to create knowledge articles.
  • The Review Status column that displays the review status of knowledge articles. For more information about review statuses, see Reviewing and validating knowledge articles.

Case creation options

Creating and publishing knowledge articles

Creating case templates and task templates

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