Creating custom notifications for cases

This use case describes how to create notifications in BMC Helix Business Workflows. 


BMC Helix Business Workflows enables you to create custom notifications for your company according to your requirements. 

Consider a scenario where a case agent who has access to a case changes its priority to Critical and the case assignee must be notified about the change. You create a custom notification for case priority change and whenever the priority of a case is changed to Critical, the case assignee is notified. 

Roles involved in this use case

Agents with the following roles perform certain tasks in this use case:

  • Case Business Analyst
  • Case Agent


The following figure provides an overview of creating a notification:

The following table lists the tasks that you need to perform to create a notification for a case:

1Create an event.

BMC Helix Business Workflows

Define the event details like name, status, accessibility, and so on.Creating notification events and templates
2Create a notification template.Define the template details like name, associated event, recipients, localized messages, and so on.
3Create a process.

BMC Helix Innovation Studio

Define a trigger condition for the notification and to associate an event with the process.Creating processes to trigger notifications for cases
4Register a process.

BMC Helix Business Workflows

Ensure that the process is available in BMC Helix Business Workflows and you can use it in a Flowset.

Creating a Flowset for a line of business
5Define a Flowset.Use the process that triggers a notification for a specific line of business.
6Create a case template.Associate a Flowset with a case template so that when an agent creates a case by using this case template, the Flowset is also associated with the case.Creating case templates and task templates

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