Content package for BMC Helix Business Workflows

BMC Helix Business Workflows provides a rich content package in your tailoring environment that includes templates for the following items:

  • Cases
  • Tasks
  • Emails
  • Documents
  • Notifications

The templates are ready-to-use samples that make it easy for organizations to implement common processes and standards with minimum effort. The case templates define the manual and automated tasks, and the processes that are required to complete a business use case. The email and notification templates define standard formats for email replies or notifications to be sent for important events. You can create new templates specific to your organization based on the content templates. 

Using the content packages

As a case business analyst, you can recreate and customize the templates to implement core business use cases in the following way:

  1. Create the content in your tailoring environment:
    1. Copy the case and task templates from the sample content packages.
    2. Update the Company name and associated processes to align to your processes and lines of business.
  2. Test the content in your QA environment.
  3. Implement and deploy the content in your production environment.


The case template provided for a new hire onboarding includes all the tasks and processes starting from a manager raising a requisition for a position to the onboarding tasks performed when the shortlisted candidate joins the organization.

To import the out-of-the-box content packages for BMC Helix Business Workflows

Use the following instructions to import the BMC Helix Business Workflows content packages on your tailoring environment:

  1. As an administrator, log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio.
  2. In Workspace, click Business Workflows.
  3. On the Business Workflows page, select Actions > Import Definitions and Data.
  4. Import the following content packages to create the lines of business:
    • BMC Sample Human Resource
    • BMC Sample Finance
    • BMC Sample Facilities


      After importing a package, wait till the line of business is activated, and then import the next package.

  5. Log in to BMC Helix ITSM, use the steps in Importing and exporting a package Open link  to import the BMCSampleData_1.0 content package.
  6. In BMC Helix Innovation Studio, import the Foundation data for the lines of business by importing the D2P content package:com.bmc.dsm.bwfa-21.05.00-CONTENT-Calbro-Config-Data.
  7. To import the BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog services, log in to BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog, and complete the following steps:
    1. Make sure that the connector configuration is defined with the name Helix Platform.
    2. Import the content package.

Data in content packages for lines of business

BMC Helix Business Workflows provides content packages for the following lines of business:

  • BMC Sample Human Resource
  • BMC Sample Finance
  • BMC Sample Facilities


  • BMC provides these out-of-the-box content package as reference material and does not support this content.
  • For case and task templates, create a copy of the templates in a line of business, and customize them. Do not modify the templates in the content package.
  • For notification templates, create new templates in a line of business based on the out-of-the-box notification templates.
  • For using templates in another line of business, create new templates by referring to the out-of-the-box notification templates.
  • You cannot copy a template from a line of business to another line of business.
    Case Template Task Template
    401K Status NA
    Access to HR courses HR Courses WebSite
    Advance Salary Advance Salary Process
    Benefit and Pay Reward and Recognition Task
    Career Path Framework NA
    Change My Address
    • Verify the Address Change
    • Update Address in HCM System
    Change My Legal Name
    • Review Supporting Documentation
    • Autom. Update of Name Info in HCM System
    • Journal Entry
    Change position details NA
    Compliance and Ethics Check Code of Conduct
    Compliance and Ethics: Misconduct
    • Ethics and Compliance Case Received
    • Ethics and Compliance Committee Formation
    • Witness Details
    • Committee Decision
    • Case Close Insufficient Evidence
    • Employee Warned OR Terminated
    • POSH Notification To Stakeholder
    Dental Benefits Question NA
    Employee Complaint Against Manager NA
    Employee Recognition Employment Verification Review
    Employee Relocation Request
    • Relocation: Verification
    • Relocation: Confirmation
    Employee Resignation
    • Send Exit Document to HRBP Manager
    • One on One Meeting between HRBP and Employee and share exit docs
    • HR Manager Approval after HR and Employee one on one discussion
    • Update employee exit details into Oracle
    • Notify internal departments eg. AskHr, Payroll, IT
    • IT Assets submission on Employee Exit
    • Review and upload Exit docs received from employee
    • Provide Service Certificate to Employee
    • Provide F&F settlement to employee
    Ergonomic Assessment NA
    Fixed Term Contract End Provide F&F settlement to employee
    Flexible working and career break Reward and Recognition Task
    Generate Employee Verification Letter
    • Employment Verification Review
    • Generate Employment Verification Letter
    Generate Visa Letter
    • Pull Visa Letter Details
    • Review Visa Letter Request
    • Generate and send visa letter
    Get Time Off Balance from Workday Workday - Get Employee Time Off Balance
    Gym Reimbursement Gym Reimbursement Form
    Hire Foreign Employee NA
    Inquiry for Education Assistance Plan Send Education Assistance Plan Document
    Insert a Merit Increase NA
    International Employee Transfer Immigration
    Job Requisition
    • Review Requisition
    • Job Posting
    Jury Duty NA
    Life Changing Event NA
    Maternity Leave Request
    • Maternity leave last date
    • Send FormA
    • Notification Of Maternity Leave
    New Hire
    • Send shortlisted candidate CV's to hiring manager and seek interview feedback
    • Set status reason to Interview InProgress
    • Get the finalized candidate details
    • Set Status Reason To Candidate Finalized
    • Download the fitment details form from document library and Fill the fitment details for finalized candidate. Attach the fitment details for finalized candidate
    • Set Status Reason To Fitment Details Generated
    • Incorporate review comments on fitment details if any and then attach final fitment details for finalized candidate
    • Generate and send offer letter for approval to HR business partner and then send to candidate on approved
    • Follow up with the candidate and get acceptance from candidate
    • Set Status Reason To Offer Rejected
    • Set status reason to Offer Accepted
    • Generate employee id for new candidate
    • Confirmation from on-boarding team on candidate joining
    • New joinee auto email send every week to on-boarding team
    • Send email to manager with employee id and joining date. Get the buddy details and update the buddy details.
    • Send intimation email to stakeholder team about on-boarding of new candidate
    • Create IT assets for new candidate
    • Set Status Reason To Candidate On-boarded
    • Set Status Reason To Candidate Declined
    • Handover IT assets to newly joined candidate
    Overpaid / Underpaid NA
    Paid Time Off Request Update PTO Calendar
    Paternity Leave and Pay NA
    Request Leave of Absence in Workday Workday - Request Leave of Absence
    Request vacation time from Workday Check Time Off from Workday using Jitterbit
    Retirement process Send Exit Document to HRBP Manager
    Reward and Recognition Reward and Recognition Task
    Send Document to Adobe Sign Send Document to Adobe Sign
    Spot Bonus Request for HR LOB
    • Verify Achievements
    • Notify Spot Bonus to Payroll team
    Tuition Reimbursement NA
    Unclassified HR Case NA
    Update employee Home Address in Workday Workday - Update Employee Address
    Update Legal Name in Workday Workday - Update Employee Legal Name
    Case Template Task Template
    Cost Center Changes NA
    Gym Equipment Maintenance Send Gym Reimbursement Form
    Internal Audit NA
    Need Financial Statement NA
    Process Expense Reports
    • Issue Checks
    • File Report
    Processing Claimed Expenses
    • Employee Bank Details
    • Audit Expense Claim
    • Expense Claim Payment Instruction
    Received Invoice
    • Review Invoice
    • Create Voucher
    • Make Payment
    Received Payment
    • Make Copies of All Checks
    • Make Bank Deposits
    Request for Advance Salary
    • Employee Bank Details
    • Verify Advance Salary Pre-requisites
    • Cancel the case
    • Advance Salary Instruction
    • Advance Salary Recovery
    Send to Collection
    • Verify Delinquent Accounts
    • Create Payments Schedule
    Case Template Task Template

    COVID Protocol Violation Reporting

    • Inform the COVID Taskforce Team from Facilities division about Protocol Violation
    • Identify the individuals impacted and issue quarantine notice if required
    • Disciplinary Action Against Employees for Protocol Violation

    Office Visit Request

    • Check Office Visit Slot Availability
    • Prepare Office Visit Kit for Employee
    • Check for Self Declaration from Employee for Office Visit
    • Isolate Employee for Screening Failure
    • Entry Screening for Office Visit
    • Mark Checkout for the Employee when leaving office

    Self Declaration Checklist Before Office Visit


    Self-Report COVID Template

    • Wait for COVID Test Result
    • Periodically Check Employee's Health Status
    • Inform Employees to Self-Quarantine
    • Deep sanitize the office premise as provided in Case Details

    Example: Using the New Hire onboarding template

    BMC Helix Business Workflows provides the New Hire onboarding case template. The case flow is described in the following figure:

    To use the New Hire onboarding case template:

    1. As a case business analyst, create a copy of the New Hire template and update the Case Company and Assignment fields in the template. 
    2. Review the task flow and update the process elements defined in the task flow process as per your organization's processes. If any of the elements use notification templates, create new notification templates for your organization and update the references in the process elements of the task flow.
    3. Save the template.
    4. Grant case business analysts and case agents the line of business functional role so that they can access the template.

    You can now use this template for creating new hire onboarding tasks. The process defined in the template simplifies the process for onboarding a new hire, from the time a requisition is opened, till a candidate is hired or the requisition is closed.

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