21.05 enhancements

Review the BMC Helix Business Workflows 21.05 enhancements for features that will benefit your organization and to understand changes that might impact your users.

View and track incoming emails

Requesters send emails to BMC Helix Business Workflows to create and update cases. As a case business analyst, perform the following actions for incoming emails in the Incoming Email Messages console:

  • Track emails sent to the BMC Helix Business Workflows system.
  • View the details of incoming emails, such as creation date, sender, receiver, subject, status.
  • Receive notifications about email issues.
  • Reprocess unsuccessful emails.

Learn more about reprocessing emails in Tracking and reprocessing incoming emails.

The following image shows the Incoming Email Messages console:

The following image shows an example of an email loop:

Detect and prevent email loops

An email loop occurs when the number of emails that are exchanged between a sender and receiver in  a specified time cross a defined threshold. Email loops cause other processes in an application to slow down and may also cause loss of network bandwidth and storage.

As an administrator, you can specify the email threshold and time interval to detect email loops. When the number of emails received from an internal or external system exceeds the specified threshold in the time interval you specified, you get a notification and the sender’s email ID is automatically blocked.

You can use the following parameters to detect and prevent email loops:


As an administrator, you can change the default value of the parameters to detect email loops.

Learn more about how to specify the email threshold and time interval in Detecting email loops.

Add existing attachments to emails without downloading them

As a case agent, add the following attachments to emails from the Existing attachments tab without downloading them:

  • Case or task attachments
  • Social activity attachments
  • Attachments in dynamic data
  • Attachments added to BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced

Learn more about adding attachments to emails in Communicating case updates.

The following image shows the Existing attachments tab:

The following image shows the option to open cases on a separate tab:

View search results on separate tabs

As a case agent or case business analyst, view search results of records such as cases, tasks, knowledge articles on separate tabs.

You can view the following records on separate tabs:

  • Cases, tasks, knowledge articles, people profiles, and case and task templates from global search
  • Recommended case templates while creating a case or while changing the case template for an existing case
  • Recommended cases and knowledge articles while editing a case
  • Recommended cases, knowledge articles, and templates in Live Chat

Improved tracking for knowledge article feedback counter

As a case business analyst, track the feedback for knowledge articles concurrently for all versions of a knowledge article or separately for each version. Set the RESET_FEEDBACK_COUNTER parameter to true to track the feedback counter for the different versions of knowledge articles separately for your lines of business.

The number of views and helpful feedback is tracked in the following scenarios:

  • A user shares or opens an article from the shared URL.
  • A user searches and views an article from cases, global search, or Live Chat.
  • A user provides feedback for an article from BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced.
  • A user associates or dissociates an article from a case.

Learn more about the feedback counter in Providing feedback for improving the quality of knowledge articles and Resetting the feedback counter for knowledge articles.

The following image shows the RESET_FEEDBACK_COUNTER parameter set to true for the Human Resource line of business:

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