This documentation supports the 20.08 and consecutive patch versions of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

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Updating a user profile to add notes or observations and related users

As a case agent, when viewing a case, to view a user's person profile by clicking the user's name. The person profile provides details about the user like employment details, contact details, related cases and users, and so on. As a case agent, when viewing the profile for another user, you can:

  • Add special notes or observations about the user—These notes are visible only to the submitter and users who have the Person Activity Read functional role. A case business analyst must explicitly provide this functional role to users who need to access the notes section of the profile. 
  • Add related users with a relationship type — Add related users with an appropriate relationship type that defines how the users are connected. When you add a related user, the current user is added to the related user's profile as a related user with the reverse relationship. In addition to the out-of-the-box relationship types, a case business analyst can add custom relationship types. For more information about custom relationship types, see Adding a relationship type to relate users or cases.

To view a user's profile

  • To view your own profile, click your name at the top right corner of  the page, and select My Profile.

  • To view the profile of other users, open a case and on the case details page, click the user's name.

The Person Profile page displays details about the selected user. 

Your own profile

Other user's profile

To add notes or observations for a user in the user's profile

  1. To add a note, click the text box in the Notes section of the profile. 

  2. Enter your feedback in the text box provided, or click Notes Template to use a predefined feedback note. 

  3. To add any supporting documents or other files for your feedback, click Attach to upload the files. 

  4. Click Post
    The note that you added to the user's profile is visible only to you and the users who have the Person Activity Read functional role.


When viewing your own profile, you can view the Activity History section instead of the Notes section. The Activity History section displays a history of the actions you performed. This is a read-only section.

To add a related user to a user's profile with an appropriate relationship

  1. On the Person Profile page, click the Related Persons tab.

  2. Click + Add Person.

  3. In the Add Person dialog box, in the Select Person section, select the related users and click Next

  4. To preview a user's profile, click the user's name. You can also navigate to the profile from the preview page.

  5. In the Add Relationship section, select a Relationship Type for the users from the following out-of-the-box options:

    • Dependent of 

    • Former Manager 

    • Guardian

    • Parent 

    • Student 

    If you selected multiple users, the selected relationship type is applied to all the users. 

  6. Click Save.

    The users are displayed on the Related Persons tab with the relationship type you selected. When you add a related user, the current user is added to the related user's profile as a related user with the reverse relationship defined for the Relationship Type selected. 

  7. When you relate the person record to the user's profile, the user is also added to the related person profile with the reverse relationship type defined for the selected relationship. 

  8. To view the updates to the related user's profile, click the user's name on the Related Persons tab. 

After you update the details on the user's profile, you can navigate back to the case or continue working on other cases by navigating to the Cases workspace.

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