This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

To view the documentation for the previous version, select 19.05 from the Product version menu.


Quick overview

BMC Helix Business Workflows is a cloud-native, case management solution for different lines of business like facilities, travel, legal, HR, and so on. The solution aims for fast and efficient management of cases by providing modern and simple ways to create, resolve, and monitor cases.

You can also tailor the solution according to your business needs by performing the following actions:

  • Create processes to handle cases for a line of business and tasks to resolve cases.
  • Create rules that automatically perform an action. For example, you can create a rule that automatically retires knowledge articles.
  • Tailor UI views by adding fields to case views.
  • Add or modify configurations that suit your requirements. For example, you can create templates for an HR support group specific to your company.

Key benefits

As a modern case management solution, BMC Helix Business Workflows offers the following advantages to its users:

  • Intuitive user interfaces that provide an enhanced user experience when working with cases.
  • Ease of raising requests through a conversational interface that uses natural language.
  • Shorter call times and better quality of services.
  • Less time required to provide services to users through the elimination of manual tasks.
  • Better case lifecycle creation and management through templates, tasks, and other resources.
  • Actionable insights into how a company performs.
  • Integration with applications by using connectors that enables users to raise service requests specific to BMC Helix Business Workflows.
  • Repository of knowledge and services, and tools to create and maintain them.
  • Management of multiple departments' knowledge and services in one place while supporting enforcement of permission and data segregation.
  • Flexibility to meet business requirements by tailoring the application.
  • Complete knowledge management solution that enable users to create, update, and share knowledge articles.

Product roles

BMC Helix Business Workflows aims to simplify the routine activities of the following roles:

Case Agent

A person who is a direct contact for users to raise requests or issues. An agent directly interacts with users, understands and provides resolutions for their issues, and is responsible for timely and efficient issue management. 

For more information, see Responsibilities and permissions of a Case Agent.

Case Business Analyst

A person who is a direct contact for system-specific or access-specific issues in a company. A case business analyst aligns the application with changing business requirements and market trends, and tailors the applications according to the user and business needs.

For more information, see Responsibilities and permissions of a Case Business Analyst.

Case Manager

A person who is a line of contact for project-specific queries. A manager ensures that all the teams under a project work efficiently and collaboratively, the project executes with well-defined processes, and the project executes successfully.

For more information, see Responsibilities and permissions of a Case Manager.

Case Catalog Administrator

A person who creates and manages services for BMC Helix Business Workflows in the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog according to the business requirements.

For more information, see Additional functional roles.

Document Manager

A person who creates and manages documents in the document library, and provides access to other users to view the documents. 

For more information, see Additional functional roles.


A person who manages the application for a tenant. An administrator has the following responsibilities:

  • Adds and manages tenant users and their information.
  • Manages settings that control the application behavior for tenant users.

For more information, see User goals and features.

Product features

BMC Helix Business Workflows provides the following key features:

Omni-channel approach to submit service request

BMC Helix Business Workflows provides an omni-channel approach for a user to submit service requests and to contact the support staff within a company to resolve their service requests.


Leveraging conversation capabilities in BMC Helix Chatbot.

BMC Helix Chatbot is a chatbot application provided by BMC that helps users to interact in a conversational interface to resolve their issues. BMC Helix Chatbot interacts with the user in a natural language and based on that communication, reports issues or creates requests and cases, or searches for knowledge articles. You can configure BMC Helix Chatbot with BMC Helix Business Workflows to create cases or search for knowledge articles on behalf of the user.

The following figure displays a conversation in BMC Helix Chatbot:

For more information about BMC Helix Chatbot and how to configure it, see Getting started and Integrating BMC Helix Chatbot with BMC applications .

Requesting services by using BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

BMC Digital Workplace Advanced is a next-generation, self-service application for business users to connect with IT and HR anywhere, anytime, on any device. BMC Helix Business Workflows integrates seamlessly with BMC Digital Workplace Advanced to enable employees to create service requests in BMC Digital Workplace Advanced and enable agents to work on them in  BMC Helix Business Workflows.

The following figure displays the BMC Digital Workplace Advanced client application that employees use:

For more information about requesting services in BMC Digital Workplace Advanced, see Requesting services on behalf of other users .

Requesting services via a telephone call or in person.

Users can directly request for a service or report an issue by contacting a case agent via a telephone call or in person.

If the user makes a telephone call to the service desk, a case agent from the first-line support can leverage the power of Case view or Quick case to create cases, which enables the case agent to capture the information in real time, directly from the users and in their own words.

The following figure displays the Quick Case page:

Requesting services by sending an email.

To raise a service request, users can send emails to a dedicated email ID of their company. This enables users with no access to a self-service tool, to easily raise service requests. When a user sends an email, a case is created automatically in BMC Helix Business Workflows and an acknowledgement email is sent automatically to the user. Acknowledgement emails are sent whenever the case is updated successfully.

For more information about creating cases by using emails, see Case management through email.

BMC Digital Workplace Catalog for case-related services

Case catalog administrators can create services that are specific to BMC Helix Business Workflows in the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. Employees can request these services from BMC Digital Workplace Advanced and corresponding cases are created in BMC Helix Business Workflows.

For more information about using the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog to create services, see Enabling users to submit requests in BMC Digital Workplace Advanced

The following video (1:09) gives an overview of  BMC Digital Workplace Catalog:

Interactive reports to analyze team performance

Access different interactive reports to analyze the performance of teams that work on cases for user issues.

The following figure displays the BMC Helix Business Workflows dashboard in Reporting:

For more information about reports, see Viewing reports.

Flowsets to customize the flow of cases according to the business requirements

Flowsets give users the flexibility to use BMC Helix Business Workflows for different lines of business like HR, travel management, facilities management, finance management, and so on. Flowsets include customized processes for initialization, activity updates by users, validation, status transition, auto-assignment, approval, notifications, and data access for the selected line of business.

For more information, see BMC Helix Business Workflows for a line of business.

Product documentation

The following table lists key goals of users with various roles and provides corresponding links to the documentation:

Product roleGoalWhere to go

Case Agent

To create cases for user issues.Creating cases
To work on cases by performing different actions on them.

Creating and updating cases

To create and manage knowledge articles for a company.Developing knowledge articles
Case ManagerTo view reports and analyze the performance of the team.Viewing reports

Case Business Analyst

To customize the flow of cases for different lines of business.Creating a Flowset for a line of business
To create templates for common cases and tasks.Creating case templates, task templates, and adding dynamic fields
To tailor the application according to the business needs.Configuring BMC Helix Business Workflows

To integrate BMC Helix Business Workflows with other applications by using connectors.

Integrating BMC Helix Business Workflows with other applications
To configure a conversational interface for users to raise requests.

Integrating BMC Helix Chatbot with BMC applications

To associate an email ID with a company so that employees can raise service requests via emails.Enabling automatic case creation from emails
To create email and acknowledgement templates that are used to communicate with other users via emails.Creating email and acknowledgement templates
To define a case status that triggers an approval and the status to which a case transitions based on the approval outcome.Creating approval mappings
Case Catalog Administrator

To create services in the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.

Enabling users to submit requests in BMC Digital Workplace Advanced


To add users in BMC Helix Business Workflows.

Adding users in BMC Helix Business Workflows

To authorize users to perform actions in BMC Helix Business Workflows.

Assigning functional roles and permissions
To enable users to create and maintain the knowledge base of a company.Creating knowledge sets and knowledge templates
To predict case templates and case categories based case descriptionLeveraging cognitive capabilities in BMC Helix Business Workflows
To configure incoming and outgoing mailboxes to use for sending emails from within a case.

Configuring incoming and outgoing email

To configure approvals for a company that are based on different lines of business, types of cases, and so on.Configuring approvals

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  1. Anne Brock

    Can an onpremise Digital Workplace -Basic connect with Business Workflows in the cloud? or would the customer need Digital Workplace - Advanced?

    Nov 29, 2017 01:33
    1. Prachi Kalyani

      Hello Anne,

      We are sorry for the delay in response. We are getting this confirmed and will get back to you soon.



      Mar 05, 2018 10:19
    1. Juergen Hauser

      Hi Anne, To support Business Workflows connected to on-prem Digital Workplace Basic an upgrade to a specific version is required (latest and some specific installer/config settings). Business Workflows does not support Digital Workplace Advanced (cloud or on-prem). Regards, Juergen

      Mar 09, 2018 02:14
      1. Francois Seegers

        Hi Juergen

        Just to clarify for myself, does this mean one will not be able to use Service Broker to automate Cases from BWF?

        Thanks Francois

        Oct 02, 2018 01:34