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Configuring case approvals

To ensure that approvals are executed when required, a case business analyst can configure approvals for an organization. An administrator configures different types of approvals and a case business analyst creates approval mappings.

An approval might be required for a case at different stages in the case lifecycle before an agent resolves the case. For example, an employee raises a request to work in a different location for a specific time duration. The case for the request needs to be approved by the direct manager and HR manager of the employee. After they approve the case, the case agent proceeds with the case to perform the remaining activities and then closes the case.

For more information about approvals, see Case approvals.

Before you begin

Before you start configuring approvals, ensure that you understand the different types of approvals that you can configure for cases.

Configuring a case approval

The process to configure an approval varies based on the type of approval that you want to configure—self approval or approval flow.

The following figure provides a process overview of configuring an approval:


If you plan to use the default case approval process, make sure that you add your approval flows in the out-of-the-box approval flow group BWFA Group.

The following table lists the tasks that you must perform to configure an approval process:


Create approval processes for the following types of approval:

  • Self approval—define the outcome of the approval.
  • Chain of approvals—define the flow group to which the process belongs and the next event that should occur after a case is approved, rejected, or errored out.
    Chaining is required when multiple approvers need to approve a case.

BMC Helix Innovation Studio

(Optional) Change the default fields from the case record that you want to be displayed on the Approval Console.

When a case is listed on the Approval Console, an approver can refer to these fields for additional information about the case that needs approval.

For example, you can set the Contact field to be displayed on the Approval Console.

BMC Helix Innovation Studio

Create a self-approval by defining the qualification based on which cases will be automatically approved.


Create a self-approval by defining a process based on which cases will be automatically approved.

BMC Helix Innovation Studio

Create an approval flow to define approvers for a case.


Create a chain of approvals.

BMC Helix Innovation Studio

  • Configuring approval flows Open link
  • Defining a chain of approvals
Create an approval mapping to specify a status trigger for an approval and the status to which a case transitions, based on an approver's action. To apply approval mapping to case templates, create approval flows to match the values from the case template.

BMC Helix Business Workflows

Mapping case status to approvals
(Optional) Create an approval notification for your company to notify users about events related to case approvals.

BMC Helix Business Workflows

Defining approval notifications

The following video (11:47) explains how you can leverage approvals for cases in BMC Helix Business Workflows:

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