This documentation supports the 20.08 and consecutive patch versions of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

To view the documentation for the previous version, select 20.02 from the Product version menu.

Assigning functional roles and permissions

For agents to utilize the different features that the product provides, as an administrator, you must assign appropriate functional roles to these agents. A functional role is an aggregate of multiple permissions that enable an agent to perform certain tasks.

Learn more about functional roles and out-of-the-box permissions in the following topics:

To assign a functional role to an agent

  1. As an administrator, log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Administration tab.
  2. Select Foundation Data > Manage People, and perform any of the following actions:
    • When assigning a functional role to a new agent, click New.
      The Create Person pane is displayed.
    • When assigning a functional role to an existing agent, from the Manage People page, open the required profile.
      The Edit Person pane is displayed.
      The following figure highlights the Functional Roles list that is displayed while editing an agent's profile:

  3. On the Access Details tab, from the Functional Roles list, select the BMC Helix Business Workflows functional roles that you want to assign to the agent.

    The functional role list includes roles from all the applications in your BMC Helix Platform.


    The Functional Roles list displays some roles that are not supported by BMC Helix Business Workflows such as Multi-cloud Service Owner and Unrestricted access. These roles do not enable any additional functionality or data access in BMC Helix Business Workflows even if you assign the roles to a user.

  4. Click Save.

To assign a permission to a functional role

The administrator can assign permissions to functional roles that are specific to functional areas in BMC Helix Business Workflows. These permissions are in addition to the out-of-the-box permissions described in Setting up roles and permissions


You cannot delete the out-of-the-box permissions that are assigned to a functional role.

  1. As an administrator, log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Administration tab. 
  2. Select Configure My Server > Application Permissions > Manage Functional Roles.
  3. From the Functional Roles page, open the functional role to which you want to assign additional permissions.
    The Edit Functional Role pane is displayed.
  4. From Select Role, expand a functional area whose roles you want to assign.
  5. Select the check boxes that correspond to the roles you want to assign.
    In Selected Role, the selected roles are added to the corresponding application name. 
    The following figure highlights a role that is selected from Select Role and is displayed in Selected Role:
  6. Click Save.

For more information about creating or modifying users, see Creating or modifying Person data Open link .

To assign the Report Administrator role

When BMC activates BMC Helix Business Workflows, the administrator is set as the Report Administrator. The administrator can assign the Report Administrator role to another user.

  1. As an administrator, log in to BMC Helix Business Workflows.

  2. Click Reports.
  3. Click and select Administration > Admin Console
  4. On the page displayed, expand Users
  5. For the required user, click , hover on Change role, and select System Administrator
    The selected user is now a Report Administrator in BMC Helix Business Workflows.

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