This documentation supports the 20.08 and consecutive patch versions of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

To view the documentation for the previous version, select 20.02 from the Product version menu.

Adding, viewing, and downloading attachments

In BMC Helix Business Workflows, as a case agent, you can add attachments to a case or task. These attachments are documents that contain relevant information about the case or task. By adding the attachments to cases and tasks, all the information required for successful resolution of a case or completion of a task is stored together. This enables multiple users working on the case and associated tasks to complete their jobs quickly and effectively. 


BMC Helix Business Workflows supports all file types as attachments, except .exe files.

Centralized document repository

BMC Helix Business Workflows supports the document library which acts as common repository to store all the attachments in one place. You can attach only those documents to a case or task from the document library to which you have access. Only the users who have read-access to the document can download the attached documents.

While adding documents to a case or task from the document library, the document library displays a list of documents based on the case summary, task summary, or email subject. If the required document is not listed, you can use the advanced search option to search for the documentAfter you add a document, you can overwrite the document by removing the current attachment and adding a new attachment to the document.

For more information about adding documents to the document library, see Adding and granting access to attachment documents.

Adding an attachment

You can add documents to a case or task either from the document library or from a local drive. However, it is recommended to add documents from the document library. 

You can add the documents by clicking the Attach option on the following pages:

  • In the Activity tab and the Description field while editing a case or task 


    If the document is not externally shareable and you make the document available for all the users by clicking the Public check box on the Activity tab, the files are not attached to the case.

  • On the case details page while adding an adhoc task to a case
  • On the case details page while composing an email
  • For the specific dynamic fields while editing a case

You can also add documents while creating or updating cases and tasks by using the Business Workflows connector. For more information about Business Workflows connector, see Integrating BMC Helix Business Workflows with other applications.

On the case details page, you can view a consolidated list of all the attachments added to a case and the tasks associated with the case. You can also download the attachments if you have required permissions.

Viewing and downloading an attachment

Attachments can be added to a case in different ways such as via a case agent, a service request, an email, and so on. Because these attachments are displayed at various places in a case, searching for these attachments can be time consuming. To save this time, by clicking Attachments on the case details page, you can view a consolidated list of all the attachments related to a case.

When viewing attachments, consider the following information:

  • The Attachments pane displays a maximum of ten attachments. If there are more attachments, you need to move to the next page.

  • The Attached to column on the page displays the following options that indicate where an attachment was added:

    • Case—Attachment was added to a case description.

    • Task—Attachment was added to a task description.

    • Activity—Attachment was added to a case or task activity feed.

    • Question—Attachment was added to a dynamic field.
  • The search results display matching attachments from all pages in the pagination.

  • You can also open an attachment to view its details and then download it.

  • You can sort and download attachments only from a page.


While searching for documents, when you use %, you can view all documents that are available to you for use.

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