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This version is currently available to SaaS customers only. It will be available to on-premises customers soon.

BMC Helix Business Workflows is a cloud-native case management application for all lines of business. It provides services to employees in a scalable, managed, and automated way. Built on BMC Helix Innovation Suite, it provides the ability to create automated workflows without writing code and tailor the user interface to meet the organization's need.

Release notes and notices
updated 25 Mar

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The following updates have been added since the release of the space:

March 22, 2024

Patch 1 for version 23.3 is available for on-premises customers.

Issues that were corrected by 23.3 Patch 1 and issues that remain open

March 8, 2024

Enhancements available in 23.3 Patch 1:

  • Use the improved to-do features for an enhanced support mechanism.
  • Add sequential and parallel tasks to active tasks.
  • View audit logs for extension fields.
  • Use enhanced features for dynamic fields.
  • Reprocess and resolve application errors through self-service.
  • Access the upgraded BMC Helix Knowledge Management by ComAround interface. 
  • Add recipients from record definitions and dynamic data while creating notifications.
  • Copy user-defined preset filters between views.
  • Assign stages to tasks that are specific to a line of business.
  • View the license usage for each line of business.

Issues that were corrected by 23.3 Patch 1 and issues that remain open

23.3 enhancements and patches

December 8, 2023

Enhancements available in 23.3:

  • Manage security cases by using the new Security Incident Handling line of business.
  • Complete voluntary separation by using the offboarding solution and alumni activities by using the Alumni Service Center in HR Service Management.
  • Out-of-the-box integration of cases with BMC Helix ITSM tickets.
  • Automate case assignments by defining qualification-based assignment rules for lines of business.
  • Manage cases, tasks, and knowledge articles efficiently from the enhanced consoles.
  • The Needs Attention flag helps in prioritizing work.
  • Configure status values of checklists according to checklist templates.
  • Enhance task management activities by using improved to dos.
  • Track the time spent in each status for a case or task.
  • Use specific outgoing email profiles for a line of business.
  • Raise ad hoc approval requests for cases.
  • Work on a single case for multiple variants of an item by using CSV file attachments.
  • BMC Helix Business Workflows supports Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), and Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) languages.

Issues that were corrected by 23.3 and issues that remain open

23.3 enhancements and patches

Getting started


Introduction to BMC Helix Business Workflows

The following video (4:10) gives an overview of BMC Helix Business Workflows:

Setting up and going live


As a case business analyst, configure BMC Helix Business Workflows for your organization.

Configuring a line of business


As a case business analyst, set up BMC Helix Business Workflows according to your line of business.

Managing and developing knowledge articles


As a knowledge coach, develop a knowledge base for case agents to access reference information easily.

As an agent, create a knowledge article adding information that agents can use to resolve an existing issue, view information about different policies of your organization, and so on.

Creating and updating cases


As an agent, create a case by adding details about the user's issue or request. After the case is assigned, work on a user issue by adding related information, reviewing relevant knowledge articles, and taking actions to work on and resolve the issue or request.

Viewing dashboards and reports


As an agent, view information about knowledge articles and progress of cases.

As a case manager, view information about case performance, agents workload, service target status, efforts, and so on.



As a case business analyst and administrator, set up roles and permissions, create templates, configure case approvals, set service targets, case assignments, define notifications, and so on for your organization.

Extending BMC Helix Business Workflows


As a case business analyst, add custom data and custom processes to extend  BMC Helix Business Workflows to meet your organization requirements.



As an administrator, integrate BMC Helix Business Workflows application with third-party applications or other BMC applications.



Common issues, error messages, logs, and contacting Support.

Developer Community

BMC Helix Communities

Developer Portal


Knowledge Base


PDFs, videos, and API documentation


Get a list of all the videos and a PDF version of the BMC Helix Business Workflows documentation.



Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about BMC Helix Business Workflows.

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