This documentation supports the 18.11 version of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

To view the documentation for the previous version, select 18.08 from the Product version menu.

18.11 enhancements

This topic provides information about the key features of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

Flexibility to create common configurations across companies

An out-of-the-box Global company with no support groups is provided for configurations that apply to all companies in BMC Helix Business Workflows. For example, a Case Business Analyst can define a case template that is applicable to all lines of business, such as an employee bonus request. This feature provides the flexibility of creating common configuration that are available to all companies eliminating the need to replicate these configurations across multiple companies.

For more information about the Global company, see Defining configurations at a global level.

Filtered Foundation data

Administrators can now filter the Foundation data to use only the relevant data in BMC Helix Business Workflows. Case agents use the filtered data when they create records such as cases, tasks, templates, and so on.

Filtering the Foundation data ensures that the case agents do not have to spend time on searching for the required data.

For more information, see Filtering Foundation data by using domain tags.

Enhancements to the Business Workflows connector

Enhancements to the Business Workflows connector enable the following case management activities when you integrate with another application:

  • Create or update a task in BMC Helix Business Workflows without switching between the two applications.
  • Manage and track the activities of creating or updating a task.
  • See the activities that occur in the third-party application within BMC Helix Business Workflows tasks.
  • Use a third-party application to include the attachments in a case or a task.

For more information about Business Workflows connector, see Integrating BMC Helix Business Workflows with other applications.

Assign cases to a support group that is directly related to a Business Unit or Department

Relate support groups to Business Units or Departments so that cases or tasks can be assigned to users or support groups belonging to a specific business unit or department. When assigning a case or task, a case agent can perform a more refined search for support groups by by selecting a Business Unit or Department in addition to the Company.

For more information about adding new entities, see Creating case and task templates.

Enhancements to attachments

The following enhancements to attachments are now available for case agents:

  • Consolidated view of all case and related task attachments—Case agents can sort, search, and download attachments from a consolidated view of all attachments belonging to a case and task, saving them the time required to find attachments in different sections of a case. For more information, see Viewing and updating case details.
  • Add attachments to a task description—Case agents can now add attachments directly in the Description field of a task. For more information, see Adding tasks to cases.

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