Troubleshooting TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine for event and impact reporting

This topic provides information on how to analyze and troubleshoot problems that you might experience when using TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine for event and impact reporting:


Cell registration failed

When you try to add the TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine gateway entry to the mcell.dir file, the cell registration may fail. To resolve the issue:

Verify the fullyQualifiedHostName

The fullyQualifiedHostName entry in the mcell.dir file may not be correct. Verify that you have provided the correct fullyQualifiedHostName.
To find the correct fullyQualifiedHostName, follow the steps given below:

  1. At the command line, change the current directory path:
    For Windows: ReportEngineInstallDirectory\ReportEngine\bin\reportsCLI
    For Linux: ReportEngineInstallDirectory/ReportEngine/bin/reportsCLI
  2. Run the following command:
    For Windows: cell_config -h
    For Linux: ./ -h

    The help for the command is displayed.
  3. Scroll down until you reach the subscription string for mcell.dir.
    The correct gateway entry that needs to be added to the mcell.dir file is displayed.


    Subscription string for mcell.dir:

    gateway.reportengine mc

  4. Copy the gateway entry, and paste it in the mcell.dir file.
  5. Delete the wrong entry from the mcell.dir file and save the file. 
  6. Reload the mcell.dir file.

Verify the hosts file

The cell registration may fail when TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine is not able to resolve the fullyQualifiedHostName.
In this case, you must update the hosts files present on both the computers on which you have installed TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine and TrueSight Infrastructure Management with the following entries:

  • Full name of the computer on which you have installed TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine
  • Full name of the computer on which you have installed TrueSight Infrastructure Management

The hosts file is located at /etc on Linux, and at \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\drivers\etc on Windows.


Ensure that you update the entries on both the computers on which you have installed TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine and TrueSight Infrastructure Management.

ORA12557-TNS protocol adapter not loadable

When clicking on links within the reports, the following error is thrown:
ORA12557-TNS protocol adapter not loadable

This is due to incorrect sequence of Oracle path in the PATH variable. To avoid this issue, set the client entry before the Oracle server entry in the PATH variable. For more information, see the following example:



Unable to run CLI commands in TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine configured with Oracle RAC

After Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) Configuration, if you are unable to run CLI commands, check the following:

  • Check that the Report Engine Host is able to ping the RAC Database nodes
  • Verify the RAC URL in the database_config.xml file available at the following locations:
    • Windows


    • Linux 


Report Engine service stop command is not responding after some time

On a UNIX based platform, the /etc/init.d/BMCTrueSightOperationsManagementReportEngine stop command might take a long time to execute and might stop responding.

To resolve this issue, kill the process manually by running the following command:

kill -9 <process_id>

where, <process_id> can be found using ps -ef | grep wrapper command

You can start the service by running the following command:

/etc/init.d/BMCTrueSightOperationsManagementReportEngine start

Cell registration issue in multiple Report Engine environment

In a multiple Report Engine environment, if you install new Report Engine after uninstalling an existing Report Engine, the cell registration fails.

When you uninstall the existing Report Engine, the cell that it was registered to, does not get unregistered. While installing the new Report Engine, when you provide the cell registration details for that cell,the following message is displayed:

Cell already registered

To resolve this issue, unregister the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server and the cell that is registered with Report Engine, before uninstalling the Report Engine.

Failed event log file

The failedEventDetails.log file includes all of the events in which an error occurred while it was being saved in the Report Engine database.

You can use this log file to identify the failure in event data or to quickly identify the errors. If the error is related to the database, you can see the error message and correct the error yourself, or contact BMC Customer Support.

Queries to monitor event data recollection

select max(date_reception) from event_info_fDisplays the latest time when an event was processed.
select max(mc_date_modification) from event_dDisplays the latest time when an event was modified.
select count (*) from event_dDisplays the number of processed events.
select count (*) from event_msgs;Displays the number of events in the queue.

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