Troubleshooting IPv6 systems

This section lists some issues that may occur on IPv6 systems and offers workarounds on how to troubleshoot such issues.

After modifying network configuration, found UnknownHostException

  • If you modify the network configuration of a host on which Report Engine is installed, you may receive the following errors:> or No such device

To avoid these issues, perform the following:

Open the wrapper.conf file located at <installDirectory>/opt/TrueSightOperationsManagementReporting/ReportEngine/serviceWrapper and edit the file as follows, save it, and restart the BMC TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine service:

ConfigurationEdit the wrapper.conf file as
IPV4 to IPV6Update the value of to false
IPV6 to IPV4Update the value of to true
Dual Stack to IPV4Add
Dual Stack to IPV6Add
IPV4 to Dual StackRemove
IPV6 to Dual StackRemove

Cannot connect to CMS if network configuration is modified

If you modify the network configuration of a host (For example, IPV4 to IPV6), on which BusinessObjects is installed, you may encounter issues while connecting to Central Management Console. To resolve these issues, you must restart Server Intelligence Agent in SAP BusinessObjects BI Enterprise

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