Reviewing TrueSight Operations Management Reporting log files

The reportengine.log file is the main log file of the Report Engine server.

You can use this log file for issues related to performance data collection. The log file lists events related to impact and performance reporting.

The Report Engine log file is located in the following folder:


If data gaps are observed in the reports, monitor the following directories for any CSV files that are generated due to data gaps:

  • <installdir>\ReportEngine\conf\transformations\datagapjob\csvfilesstats
  • <installdir>\ReportEngine\conf\transformations\datagapjob\csvfilesrate

Exceptions/errors in the reportengine.log file

  • ORA-00904: "LASTMODIFIEDTIMESTAMP": invalid identifier
    Verify the database configuration of BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management server registered with the reporting engine using the command:
TrueSightInfrastructureManagement_config.bat register -list from %BMC_PROACTIVENET_REPORTENGINE_HOME%/ReportEngine/bin/reportsCLI/ directory
  • java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
    • Make sure that the Pentaho logging is set to Minimal in the following property:
      Do not set the logging level to either Detailed, Debug, or RowLevel logging because it can have implication on memory consumption of the reporting engine. Perform changes with caution for specified time or scenario while simulating a support issue.
      • Error: Only show errors
      • Nothing: Does not show any output
      • Minimal: Uses minimal logging
      • Basic: This is the default basic logging level
      • Detailed: Provides detailed logging output
      • Debug: For debugging purposes, very detailed output.
      • Rowlevel: Logging at the row level, this can generate a lot of data.
    • Tune Heap memory parameters for the report engine as per BMC recommendations.
  • ORA-01683: unable to extend index REUPGRADE.PK_STATS_DATA partition PARTITION_20140426 by 8192 in tablespace BPPMR_STATS
    Add a new datafile to the tablespace mentioned in this error.

  • Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?
    This error indicates that TLS is enabled on the Reporting Engine but the TrueSight Infrastructure Management cell was not enabled for TLS mode.
    To correct the issue, check the cell's mell.dir file to ensure that the encryption key is set to *TLS.
  • Received fatal alert: certificate_unknown
    The client does not have a matching certificate for the server key. 
    You must ensure that the certificate and key match by either: 
    • Adding a certificate on the client side that matches the server key.
    • Changing the server key to match the client certificate.
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