Installation or upgrade troubleshooting

This topic provides information on how to analyze and troubleshoot problems that you might experience when installing BMC TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine. Installation can fail because of these issues. Some of these issues might occur after installation, due to errors that occur during installation.

  • While installing BMC TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine 10.0.00, after you enter the Database details, the installation wizard may display the following messages:

    Some Grants and Privileges are Missing to this Database User. Please refer installation log for more details.

    Configure the database instances manually or by using SQL scripts.

   To resolve this issue, review the following log files:

    • %TEMP%\TrueSightOperationsManagement_ReportEngine_install_log
    • $TEMP\TrueSightOperationsManagement_ReportEngine_install_log
  • The installer stops and displays the message: The xxx port is running, when the following ports are running:

    • TCP: 3783, 9375, 9376, 9378, 9379, 9383, 9385, 1101, 4447, 9386, 9389, 9384, 3305

    • UDP: 1102, 3306, 3309, 1161

      To resolve this, stop the given port number manually in the host where you are installing Report Engine. Click Back and continue the Report Engine installation.  

  • While installing BMC TrueSight Operations Management Reporting, if the installer displays the message that there is no space available on the drive where you are installing Reporting Engine, whereas free space is available. Perform the following steps to resolve this issue:
    1. Stop the installation by clicking Cancel.
    2. Clear the %temp%  folder.  
    3. Restart the installation.
  • If you have re-created the SAP® BusinessObjects database and immediately try to install Report Engine with Universe option, Report Engine installation may fail. 

    To avoid this issue, perform the following:
    1. On the SAP® BusinessObjects business intelligence interface, open Central Management Console and select Servers.
    2. Ensure that all servers are in the Enabled state. If all or some of the servers are not enabled, enable them manually.
    3. Install Report Engine with Universe option.
  • If the network configuration is not done correctly on the UNIX based computer, you may receive the following error in the Report Engine logs and event/ impact data collection may fail:

    Network error IOException: Network is unreachable

    To avoid this issue, open the /etc/resolv.conf file and check the value of the search parameter. Check if correct domain name is mentioned. 

  • After you install Report Engine on the UNIX based computer, if the heap memory is not allocated properly, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) may not start and the Report Engine service may not be created. 
    To avoid this issue, allocate the heap memory according to the sizing chart for memory configuration provided at Data sheet and using the instructions in Setting memory parameters manually

  • While installing Report Engine, you may get the warning that Report Engine JBoss Application Server service is failed to install. You can ignore this warning as this service may take some time to start.  
  • On the UNIX systems, if the BMC_PROACTIVENET_REPORTENGINE_HOME environment variable is not set after Remote Engine installation or not removed after Remote Engine uninstallation, check whether multiple entries exist in the /etc/bmc.profile and /etc/bmc.cshrc files. If they exist, remove all the entries and perform the fresh installation.
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