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March 15, 2019Documentation updates

Documentation topics are now updated to cover the following enhancements and changes available with the integration of TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3.02 with BMC Service Resolution 3.5:

  • The BMC Service Resolution integration with Remedy supports only a limited number of temporary fields (10) that can be used for creating incidents based on events in TrueSight Infrastructure Management. Version 11.3.02 of TrueSight Infrastructure Management now allows you to extend your systems by configuring custom fields in addition to the default 10 fields. For more information, see Configuring additional custom fields to create incidents with custom information.

  • You can import certificates into TrueSight Infrastructure Management by running the pw certificate import command. For more information, see Creating and importing certificates in TrueSight Infrastructure Management. Open link
  • In addition to TrueSight.log, the one-click validation-related logs will be available at /usr/pw/pronto/logs/bsroneclick.log. Also, an out-of-the-box propagation policy is automatically created. Each time the one-click validation is run, the policy is enabled and then disabled on completion of the validation. For more information, see Validating integrations.
  • The mapping files (,,, and IBRSD.conf) are automatically backed up to help you recover changes made previously. For more information, see Extending your system capabilities.
  • Additional incidents are created when the severity value changes from higher to a lower value. For more information, see Configuring the SIM Notification Registry parameters in the cell.
April 3, 2018Documentation updatesAddition of planning topics and clarification of guidelines that describe when to install the solution versus when to enable the solution by modifying configuration files. A revised PDF that includes these updates is available on the PDFs page.
June 21, 2016Documentation updates

The following topics were added to this documentation space to enable the integration of BMC Service Resolution with TrueSight Operations Management 10.5 or later by configuring the event management product:

May 25, 2016Service Pack 1: 3.5.01

Supports compatibility between BMC Service Resolution 3.5.00 and the following ProactiveNet/TrueSight product versions:

  • ProactiveNet 9.5 Service Pack 2
  • ProactiveNet 9.6 Fix Pack 2
  • TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.0.500
January 13, 2016BMC Service Resolution 3.5 Patch 1Supports compatibility between BMC Service Resolution 3.5.00, TrueSight Presentation Server 10.1.00 and TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.0.500

October 12, 2015

BMC Service Resolution 3.5

Support for automatic generation of outage records

Comprehensive single-click validation test

Consolidating incidents

Enhanced support for integration mappings


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