Enabling BMC Service Resolution on TrueSight Operations Management

You must perform the following procedure if your environment meets one of the following conditions:

  • You just installed TrueSight Operations Management 10.5 or later or Remedy ITSM 9.1.01 or later.
  • You just upgraded TrueSight Operations Management in your BMC Service Resolution environment.
    An upgrade of TrueSight Operations Management overwrites your previous configurations.
  • You just upgraded from ProactiveNet to TrueSight Operations Management 11.0 or later.


Do not perform this task if you installed TrueSight Operations Management 10.1 or earlier and you installed the BMC Service Resolution solution.

Before you begin

  • You must have registered the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server component with the TrueSight Presentation Server.
  • You must have completed the BMC Service Resolution 3.5 post-installation tasks on Remedy IT Service Management.

To enable BMC Service Resolution on the TrueSight Operations Management

  1. Enable BMC Service Resolution 3.5 on the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server:
    1. Go to the command prompt.
    2. Change directory to <InstallationDirectory>/integrations/EventIntegrator
    3. Run the it30.bat or it30.sh file with the enablebsr35 command:
      • (Microsoft Windows) it30.bat enablebsr35
      • (UNIX) 
        bash it30.sh enablebsr35
    4. Run the following command:
      pw jproperties reload
    5. To enable the display of the BMC Service Resolution UI, clear your browser cache.
  2. Configure BMC Service Resolution 3.5 on the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.


    The Event Based Incident Mapping, Component Based Incident Mapping, and BMC Intelligent Incident Service Policy Console forms are moved to the TrueSight console under Administration > Integrations > Intelligent Ticketing Configuration.

  3. Perform one-click integration validation test on TrueSight Infrastructure Management.


    If you have upgraded to BMC Service Resolution 3.5.x, set the value of the isAppendBPPMName parameter located in the IBRSDinstallationDirectory/conf/IBRSD.conf file to No.

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  1. Pete Flores

    For BPPM 9.6 FP2 can we get procedure documented for enabling BSR.

    it30.bat enable

    Feb 28, 2017 10:47
  2. Mahesh Darekar

    As per doc we don’t need to install BSR separately on TSIM 10.5 and onwards. Is there any way where I can check if BSR is installed and if yes what’s the version? I have enabled it but still noting in 'pw viewhistory' output..

    [root@TESTSERVER EventIntegrator]# ./it30.sh enablebsr35
    it30.sh executed successfully!!
    Check nohup.out for logs.
    [root@clm-aus-020212 EventIntegrator]# pw viewhistory

    BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Command Line Interface 2017 version 10.7
    Copyright 1997-2017 BMC Software, Inc. as an unpublished work.  All rights reserved.

    07/06/2017|07:29:21| BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.7 build 241368724 installed
    07/06/2017|07:29:21| BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Integration Service 10.7 build 241368724 installed

    Oct 19, 2017 02:46
  3. Gareth Jarvis

    I have the the same question as Mahesh. A pw viewhistory only shows the TSIM and IS.

    Apr 25, 2019 04:24
  4. Cassie Derrick

    In an HA environment, is this done on both TSIM servers?

    Nov 12, 2019 11:10
    1. Priyanka Nanwani

      Yes, this is required on both servers.

      Nov 27, 2019 03:16
  5. Cassie Derrick

    I don't understand why BMC is ignoring all these valuable comments. The last note regarding the isAppendBPPMName parameter is needed even in TSOM 11.3.02. I found with TSOM 11.3.02 and Remedy 19.08, I couldn't get the integration to work without 3 edits/updates to IBRSD.conf, detailed here - https://bmcsites.force.com/casemgmt/sc_KnowledgeArticle?sfdcid=kA01O000000Pb4eSAC&type=FAQ. BMC - please improve this documentation and address feedback/comments.

    Nov 19, 2019 10:08
    1. Priyanka Nanwani

      Hello Cassie Derrick, thank you for your comment. Please can you tell us the TrueSight Infrastructure Management version from which you upgraded? Please tell us your upgrade path.

      If you upgrade from Infrastructure Management 10.7 to 11.3.01 and then apply the 11.3.02 fix pack with BSR version 3.5.01 (which is available by default in Infrastructure Management 10.7), you do not need to make the following changes in the IBRSD.conf file.

      • bsrversion=3.5.01
      • isITSM35Compilient=true



      Nov 27, 2019 03:15
      1. David Taggart

        For new installs this information IS relevant and should be a more prominent feature in post-installation tasks. Cassie Derrick is right, the information at https://bmcsites.force.com/casemgmt/sc_KnowledgeArticle?sfdcid=kA01O000000Pb4eSAC&type=FAQ should be included as a main part of this installation flow and not buried in the comments.

        Mar 27, 2020 11:39