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Troubleshooting Remedy Smart Reporting Installation and Upgrade issues

This topic covers the troubleshooting steps for the issues that you can face during installation or upgrading Remedy Smart Reporting.

Installation fails with Windows authentication user

Issue symptoms

While installing Remedy Smart Reporting with Windows authentication, the installation fails with the following error:

Failed to execute changeStartTypeAndStart.

Issue cause

Remedy Smart Reporting installer restarts the BMC Smart Reporting service at the time of installation. However, if a Windows user does not have access to restart the Windows service, then the installation fails.

Issue workaround

Provide the following permission to the user to start and stop services on the local machine:

Local Security Policy -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment -> Log on as a Service

Additionally, ensure that the domain user is a part of the Administrator group and is the owner of Remedy Smart Reporting database.

Remedy Smart Reporting installation with external Tomcat fails

Issue symptoms

Remedy Smart Reporting installation with external Tomcat fails with the following error message:
Tomcat directory is invalid

Issue cause

The possible root causes are:

  • The Version.bat file is missing.
  • Some of the Tomcat binaries are missing.

Issue workaround

Copy the missing binaries from the working environment or reinstall Apache Tomcat and install Remedy Smart Reporting. To install Remedy Smart Reporting with external Tomcat, you must update the context.xml file by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to <external tomcat installation directory>\conf\ context.xml.
  2. For the existing Context parameter, set the xmlBlockExternal to false. For example:

    <Context xmlBlockExternal="false">

Upgrade fails with "Not Able to Connect to Provided Smart Reporting URL" error

Issue symptoms

While upgrading to Remedy Smart Reporting version 9.1 Service Pack 2 with SSL enabled on the existing setup, you get the following error message:

Not able to connect to Provided Smart Reporting url

The installer logs displays the following error:

THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[Cannot connect to Reporting server],Detail=[Redirection to SSL failed for provided Smart Reporting URL]},
Throwable=[ Redirection to SSL failed for provided Smart Reporting URL

Issue cause

Upgrade installer does not connect to the existing setup when SSL is enabled.

Issue workaround

  1. Disable SSL in Remedy Smart Reporting Tomcat by commenting out the SSL connector section.
  2. Restart the Remedy Smart Reporting server.
  3. Disable the Auto Forwarding of SSL parameter in the web.xml file.

Upgrade issues when you change the hostname of the database 

Issue symptoms

When you upgrade Remedy Smart Reporting, the database details displayed on the installer screen are incorrect.

Issue cause

When Remedy Smart Reporting is installed for the first time, the ARSystemInstalledConfiguration.xml file is created in the  <Install Directory>\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem directory. This file stores the complete information that is provided during the installation, including the database details. After the installation is complete, if you  reconfigure Remedy Smart Reporting with a different database or change the database server hostname, then the details are updated in the ARSystemInstalledConfiguration.xml file.

While upgrading Remedy Smart Reporting, the installer reads the existing deployment information from the ARSystemInstalledConfiguration.xml file. If the database details are different in the web.xml file and the ARSystemInstalledConfiguration.xml file, then the installer displays the incorrect database details during the upgrade.

Issue workaround

Whenever you change the Remedy Smart Reporting database details in the web.xml file, ensure that you make the same changes in the ARSystemInstalledConfiguration.xml because the upgrade installer connects to the database using this file.

  1. Open the ARSystemInstalledConfiguration.xml file located at:
    • For Windows: <Install Directory>\ProgramFiles\BMC Software\ARSystem\
    • For Linux: <Install Directory>\opt\bmc\arsystem\
  2. Search for the Remedy Smart Reporting database details and update them as per the web.xml file.

Schema version check error during Remedy Smart Reporting installation

Issue symptoms

During the installation of a secondary node in a clustered environment, the following error message is displayed:

Schema version check during the upgrade

Issue cause

Remedy Smart Reporting 9.1.00 is installed as a primary node and then upgraded to version 9.1.04. Additionally, Remedy Smart Reporting 9.1.04 is installed as a secondary node and points to the primary Remedy Smart Reporting database.

Issue workaround

Install Remedy Smart Reporting 9.1.04 as a secondary node with a blank or dummy database. After the successful installation, change the secondary node database details. For more information, see How To Change Smart Reporting Repository Database HostName On Existing Deployment.

Best practice

BMC recommends that you install the secondary node with a dummy database. If it is not possible to create the dummy database, then you can clone the primary server.

Using Remedy Smart Reporting with Tomcat version 8

Issue symptoms

You get the following error message while using Remedy Smart Reporting with Tomcat version 8:

This page isn’t working. If the problem continues, contact the site owner. HTTP ERROR 400

Issue workaround

(For Tomcat 8 and later) Check if the generated URL has the | (pipe) character symbol. If yes, since Tomcat 8 and later does not support the pipe character in the URL, it blocks all the requests.

Follow the steps given below to allow this character in the URL:

  1. Go to the \ApacheTomcat\Conf\ directory.
  2. Open the file.
  3. Uncomment or add the following property:
  4. Save the file.
  5. Restart Tomcat.


Using this option will expose the server to CVE-2016-6816.

Installation fails with "Could not find or load main class" error

Issue symptoms

While installing Remedy Smart Reporting 20.02, the installation fails with the following error:

Could not find or load main class

Issue cause

Java/JRE version installed on the computer is different than version JRE 1.8 update 251 to 281.

Issue workaround

Refer the steps in knowledge article 000385637 Open link .

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