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Troubleshooting BMC Atrium Core issues

This section provides information on issues related to installation or upgrade of BMC Atrium Core, BMC Atrium CMDB, BMC Atrium Integration Engine, Atrium Integrator, Product Catalog, Web Services and so on, as well as the troubleshooting information. The following table provides links to the topics and a brief description of the issue.

BMC Atrium Core Console access or launch issuesWhen you access the BMC Atrium Core console using the BMC Remedy Mid Tier, either an error is displayed or the console is opened incorrectly.
BMC CMDB installation issuesCommon issues related to BMC CMDB installation.
BMC Atrium Integration Engine installation issuesWhen you install the BMC Atrium Integration Engine, workflow errors occur when the BMC Atrium Core installer fails to copy the BMC Atrium Integration Engine workflow utilities to the BMC Remedy AR System server directory.
Product Catalog installation issuesProduct Catalog is not installed, or an error occurs during installation.
Web Services installation issuesYou encounter following issues during BMC Atrium Core Web Services installation:
  • BMC Atrium Core Web Services is inaccessible on the network.
  • Web Services Registry installation fails.
Web services does not restart after a computer reboot on a UNIX OSProcesses related to web services are not started automatically after a computer restart.
Extension installation fails to completeInstallation issues related to Extension loader.
Special characters are not displayed correctlySpecial characters such as the trademark (™) and copyright (©) symbols are not being displayed correctly.
Running certain commands on UNIX results in JRE conflict errorRunning certain commands in UNIX result in error.
Common uninstallation issues

During uninstallation, you encounter issues such as:

  • (Microsoft Windows) You see no CPU activity for an hour or more.
  • (UNIX) You see a message that BMC Remedy AR System has been terminated.
  • If you perform the uninstallation process for BMC Atrium Core Web Services improperly or in the incorrect order, the Active Matrix Administrator directory is left with a path name that exceeds 255 characters.
Atrium Integrator upgrade issues

This section provides information on the following issues that you might encounter while upgrading the Atrium Integrator:

  • Fixing issues while backing up jobs and transformations — When you upgrade the Atrium Integrator server, the Atrium Integrator server installer might fail to create a backup of some or all of your jobs or transformations.
  • Stopping concurrent processes — When you upgrade Atrium Integrator, if applications other than the Atrium Integrator installer are running, you might encounter issues. Additional applications might consume processes that are required by the Atrium Integrator installer for deploying the installation files and directories.
Other BMC CMDB upgrade issuesWhen you upgrade BMC Atrium Core, you might encounter miscellaneous issues such as the malloc failed error, no CPU activity for a long duration, and so on.
Extension loader is not respondingThe Extension Loader might not successfully copy data to your data model due to issues with the BMC Remedy AR System server.
Other common extension loader issues

You might encounter extension loader errors if:

  • Any script files for the extensions that you want to install is missing.
  • When you install the extensions, the extension directory structure is incorrect.
Issues that might arise during the CDMChecker pre-upgrade checkYou cannot upgrade BMC Atrium Core if CDMChecker detects customization in your Common Data Model (CDM) that does not follow the standard guidelines.
Issues that might arise during the Product Catalog Pre-upgrade checkYou might encounter issues with upgrade if there are any errors in the Product Catalog.

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