This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Deployment.
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BMC ProactiveNet CMDB extension integration limitations and troubleshooting

Before you proceed with the upgrade, review the following limitations related to the BMC ProactiveNet CMDB extension installation and upgrade.

Issue: BMC ProactiveNet CMDB extension installation not supported on Solaris

On Solaris platform, you cannot do a fresh installation or upgrade the BMC ProactiveNet CMDB extension. If the extension is installed on your current (pre 9.0) base stack, it will continue to work as is.

Issue: ar.cfg file corruption

On Windows and Linux, when you install or upgrade the BMC ProactiveNet CMDB extension, the ar.cfg file can get corrupted. Some Server-Plugin-Alias entries in the ar.cfg file located at the BMCARSystem\Conf directory are removed. These alias entries are necessary to keep the BMC Remedy ITSM stack functional. 

To avoid the corruption of the ar.cfg file 

Back up the ar.cfg file before running the upgrade. After you complete the upgrade, add the missing Server-Plugin-Alias entries in the new file from the backed up ar.cfg file.

Issue: Error when BMC ProactiveNet CMDB extension installation with Java 8 

On Windows and Linux, the BMC ProactiveNet CMDB extension cannot be installed with Java 8. When you perform the installation, it fails with the following error:

(Jun 18 2015 03:52:17.497 PM -0500),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.product.bppmext.plugins.BPPMExtensionsPluginsParser,
LOG EVENT {Description=[com.bmc.install.product.bppmext.plugins.BPPMExtensionsPluginsParser.description],
Detail=[Throwable ::XPathFactory#newInstance() failed to create an XPathFactory for the default object model: 
with the 
Illegal configuration-file syntax]}

The failure occurs because the existing BMC ProactiveNet CMDB extension installers are not compatible with Java 8. 

To complete the installation

Do not change anything in the existing Java settings. You can complete the BMC Remedy installation with Java 8. You can run the BMC ProactiveNet CMDB extension installer with Java 7. The installer will use the default Java path.

Follow the steps to complete the installation:

  1.  Deploy Java 7 on the BMC Remedy AR system server. For example you can deploy it at C:\TMP\Java7\jre location.
  2. Open a Command prompt as the Administrator and run following commands:

    >SET JAVA_HOME=C:\TMP\Java7\jre
         >SET PATH=%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%PATH%
         >cd <BPPMExtLocation>
  3. The Installer is launched. Complete the installation.

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