This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Deployment.
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Additional BMC CMDB requirements

This section describes requirements for installing the BMC CMDB and BMC Atrium Web Services Infrastructure component. 

BMC CMDB requirements

The following table lists additional software that must be installed on your computer before you install BMC CMDB:


BMC CMDB relies on the Remedy AR System for database management system and web/application server support. Please refer to the Compatibility matrix for specifics of the supported versions of the AR System server.

Note: Starting with version 9.x, the Java-based BMC CMDB requires a Java-based AR System server.

Security requirements

Same as for BMC Remedy AR System. See Security Open link in the BMC Remedy AR System online documentation.

BMC Remedy Mid Tier

Same as for BMC Remedy AR System. See Security Open link in the BMC Remedy AR System online documentation.

BMC Atrium Web Services requirements

This section describes prerequisites for installing the BMC Atrium Web Services Infrastructure and UDDI Registry components.


Java SE 8_u45 and higher is supported. Older versions are not supported.

  • The Web Services Infrastructure component requires Apache Tomcat server version 7.0 or later (which is itself a prerequisite for accessing the BMC Atrium Core Console).

  • The Tomcat server must be configured to use JRE version 1.7.0_55 or later.

    The Tomcat server on which the Web Services Infrastructure component is installed must have client authentication set to False. Otherwise, the BMC CMDB installer cannot validate the installation of the BMC Atrium Web Services components.

    Best practice

    • To avoid memory issues, we recommend that you do not install BMC Atrium Web Services and Remedy Mid Tier on the same Tomcat server that is installed with 32-bit Java. You can install them on the same server if the server uses 64-bit Java.
    • For releases 9.1.04 and later, the Dashboard Utility is used to calculate Datasources statistics and KPIs that are displayed on the UI. This utility might require increased memory. By default, this utility is allocated a space of 1536 MB.

    The Web Services Infrastructure component uses the bundled Apache Axis2 Web Archive (WAR) version 1.5.1. For information about the distributions that are included in the Apache Axis2 WAR, see Apache Axis2 and BMC Atrium Core Web Services Open link  in the BMC CMDB documentation.

  • UDDI Registry uses Apache jUDDI Server version 3.0.4, which supports Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI). The Apache Derby database, which runs inside the Tomcat server, is embedded in the jUDDI Server.
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