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Preparing your data before you upgrade BMC Atrium Core

Perform the following tasks before you upgrade BMC Atrium Core.

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To prepare data for upgrade from any version of BMC Atrium Core

If you have jobs that are defined against deprecated classes, the jobs do not successfully upgrade and errors might occur. To overcome these errors, delete all rules that have been defined for deprecated classes. For details about the changes to BMC Atrium common data model (CDM), see  Summary of changes to the Common Data Model  


  • Job definitions are not upgraded automatically, but after your upgrade is complete, you can create new jobs in the BMC Atrium Core Console.
  • The AR System server group archiving runs every 24 hours. After upgrading your AR System to a higher version, default archiving policies introduced in a certain release may encounter a large backlog of items that qualify for archiving. To avoid performance issues, you must disable the server group archiving and schedule it to run when the AR System servers have minimum load.

    To disable server group archiving, in the AR System Archive Manager Console form (Applications > AR System Administration > AR System Archive), you must clear the Enable Server Group Archive check box before you upgrade.

    After upgrading is complete, you may want to review all the archive policies and enable them as required.

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