This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy Deployment.

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Perform the tasks in this section before running the BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) Suite product and component installers. When you perform the installation or upgrade, individual components will require additional pre-installation or pre-upgrade steps.  

Before you begin

If you have not already done so during planning, review the compatibility matrix, and the software and hardware requirements for installing or upgrading the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite components. For details, see Review the system requirements.

Pre-installation or upgrade process

TaskActionAdditional informationInstallUpgrade
1.Complete the installation spreadsheet

(Optional) Before you start installing BMC Remedy products, gather information about the parameters that the installer requires for each component. To avoid installation errors, refer to the spreadsheet when you run the installation.

(plus) (plus)
2.Downloading the installation files

Ensure that you download the latest service pack and patches (if available).


Perform pre-upgrade checks Open link

Perform the pre-upgrade checks mentioned in the checklist.


We recommend you to perform these pre-checks before running an upgrade to prevent common upgrade failure scenarios.

4.Install upgrade utilities (plus)
5.Prepare your database for installation

Before you install BMC Remedy AR System server, prepare your database. Also, review the recommendations for avoiding a decline in the BMC Remedy AR System server performance.

6.Prepare to run the installers

Before you install BMC Remedy AR System server, you must prepare to run the installers on the UNIX or Windows system.

7.Review BMC ProactiveNet CMDB extension integration limitations and troubleshootingIf you have the BMC ProactiveNet CMDB extension integration installed, review and apply the workarounds to avoid integration failures.(plus)(plus)
8.Performing configuration checks

(Optional) You can run the Configuration Check utility at any time to check the environment or configuration of a component that is already installed or that you plan to upgrade.

The Configuration Check utility is run automatically during an installation or upgrade. When it is run by the installer, the Configuration Check utility will perform checks based on whether it is a primary or secondary server, and it will assess the configuration and environment of the system. This is the recommended method for running the Configuration Check utility.

9.Deactivate BMC Remedy Encryption SecurityIf you have the BMC Remedy Encryption Security installed, temporarily deactivate it. You must reactivate the encryption security after you complete the upgrade process. (plus)
10.Obtain the BMC Remedy license keys

(New installation) Only the BMC Remedy AR System server licenses require keys. Depending on the components that you use, you might need several licenses to activate an application. You will activate the licenses after you install AR System and before you install the applications. For more information, see Activating application licenses. Existing licenses are not activated during upgrade.

(Staged upgrade only) If you are setting up a new system as a staging server, obtain a license for the new staging server host ID if you do not have extra licenses.


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