This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy Deployment.

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BMC Service Request Management preinstallation procedures

The following information is provided:

StepActionAdditional Information
1.Prepare an application for installationNone.
2.Import the sample data when installingBefore starting to install BMC Service Request Management, set the BMC.Asset data set accessibility to "writable." This is required if you want to import the sample data during installation. If you do not do this, an error is generated when the BMC Service Request Management installer attempts to import the sample data.
3.Adobe Flash Player

You must install Adobe Flash Player on every client computer that accesses the application. Otherwise, errors can occur when viewing data visualization fields.

You can download Adobe Flash Player from the  Adobe Open link  website.

4.Temporarily deactivate BMC Remedy Encryption SecurityIf you activated BMC Remedy Encryption Security on the BMC Remedy AR System server, you must deactivate it before you install a product. Installing a product on an encrypted BMC Remedy AR System server is not supported. After completing the installation, you can reactivate BMC Remedy Encryption Security.

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Installing BMC Service Request Management

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