This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy ITSM Deployment.

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Installing enterprise centralized configuration server as a shared service

The enterprise centralized configuration server (ECCS) is a BMC Remedy AR System server that has no applications or user load and therefore requires limited resources such as CPU and RAM. The ECCS installation is a multinode, server group installation that is used by all BMC Remedy Mid Tier clusters in the data center.

Overview of global-level and local-level configurations

You can define global-level and local-level configurations for settings under Centralized Configuration. This enables you to manage the configurations under Centralized Configurations more effectively and reliably. For example, earlier, you need to define common settings for all servers individually, now you can set a global-level configuration for all the common settings across the server group.

Global-level configurations are defined for all servers in a server group. Local-level configurations are defined for an individual server. 

Any configuration in the centralized configuration that is specified under the Component Name field with an asterisk (*) is a global-level configuration and applies to all servers in the server group. Also, the component name pluginServer_default under the Component type: com.bmc.arsys.pluginServer  is renamed to an asterisk (*).

BMC defines a scope for each configuration setting. Each setting is classified as either GLOBAL-ONLY, LOCAL-onLY or GLOBAL/LOCAL configuration. 
You can see the scope of any setting at the location below:
Remedy Management Console > AR System Server Group Console > Server Group Configuration screen > Global Settings > Scope

For more information about global-level and local-level configurations, see  Managing AR Server Group components by setting global-level and local-level configurations  in BMC Remedy AR System online documentation.

To setup the enterprise centralized configuration server

  1. Install the enterprise centralized configuration servers. See Installing BMC Remedy AR System.
  2. Configure the first BMC Remedy AR System server to be a server group member. 

  3. Install BMC Remedy Mid Tier on a separate computer. You need this mid tier for administering the ECCS. See Installing BMC Remedy Mid Tier

  4. Configure the ECCS server group with the load balancer. The load balancer host name is used for accessing the ECCS. See Configuring a hardware load balancer with BMC Remedy AR System  in BMC Remedy Action Request System documentation.     
  5. Configure the centralized configuration server properties on the BMC Remedy Mid Tier in the cluster. See Configure ECCS for the BMC Remedy Mid Tier  in BMC Remedy Action Request System documentation.   


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