This documentation supports an earlier version of BMC Helix Operations Management.

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Self-monitoring Event event class

The Self-monitoring Event (or HELIX_SM_EV) event class is a subclass of the EVENT base event class.

This class represents slots for self-monitoring events.

Hidden slots

The hidden slots are internal slots that must not be changed.

To understand the list of slots that are used to determine duplicate events, see Slot facets.

SlotSlot display nameTypeDescriptionHidden?

Object Class


Identifies the class of an object.

If the object class cannot be derived from the original event, it must be filled in during the enrichment.




StringType of the self-monitoring event.
objectObjectStringSubcomponent of the host with which the event is related.
For example, it could be the name of the disk on which the event is reporting the problem.
object_idObject IDStringIt is a combination of Agent guid, Monitor type, and Instance name.No
al_agent_nameAgent NameStringName of agent device.No
al_agent_portAgent PortStringAgent port number.No
al_agent_osAgent OSStringOperating System of the agent device.No
al_device_ipaddressAgent IP AddressStringIP address of the agent device.Yes

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