This documentation supports an earlier version of BMC Helix Operations Management.

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MonitorEvent event class

The MonitorEvent event class is a subclass of the EVENT base event class. The ALARM class, ANOMALY class, PATROL_EV class, and the HELIX_SM_EV classes are subclasses of this class. To understand the event class hierarchy and class inheritance, see Event classification and formatting

This class includes all the common purpose slots that can be used across all the other subclasses. 

Similar slots are also available in other subclasses such as ALARM, PATROL_EV, and so on. While these old slots are still usable, we recommend that you instead use the common slots described in the following table.   

Hidden slots

The hidden slots are internal slots that must not be changed.

SlotSlot display nameTypeDescriptionHidden?
objectObjectStringSubcomponent of the host to which the event is related.
For example, this slot could be the name of the disk on which the event is reporting the problem.
object_classObject ClassStringClass of an object. If the object class cannot be derived from the original event, it must be filled in during enrichment.No
object_idObject IDString

Combination of Agent uuid, monitor type, and instance name.

agent_nameMonitor Agent NameString

Name of the agent.

agent_portMonitor Agent PortStringPort number of the agent.No
agent_addressMonitor Agent IPAddressStringIP address of the agent host.Yes

Name of the metric or parameter that triggered the event.

metric_valueMetric Value


Value of the metric or parameter.

metric_unitMetric UnitString

Unit description of the metric or parameter.


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