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Dynamically enriching events with external data

Dynamic enrichment policies enable you to import external data into the policy and match values in the external file to enrich event data. This policy is an extension of the advanced enrichment policy. 

You can build an advanced enrichment or a time-based enrichment policy workflow by combining various actions. However, the process or the policy workflow in a dynamic enrichment policy is fixed. To get an overview of the various enrichment scenarios, see Event enrichment for adding context.

While creating a dynamic enrichment policy, you import an external CSV file and then define the match values and the enrichment values in the policy. Based on these inputs, the policy processes each incoming event to automatically match the correct values in the external file and use the corresponding values in the file to enrich the event data. Therefore, this policy is very useful when you want to perform enrichment based on multiple If-Then scenarios.

The following table covers the steps required for creating a dynamic enrichment policy:

1Create an event policy with the type Advanced Enrichment. Then, click Dynamic Enrichment.Creating and enabling event policies
2Create and import an external file with the mapped data.

Defining an external source file for dynamically enriching events

3Define slots to match from the external file.Dynamic event enrichment actions

4Define slots to enrich from the external file.

To see an end-to-end process of creating this policy, see Example: Dynamically enriching events from an external file.

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