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Propagating events from TrueSight Operations Management


To propagate events from your TrueSight Operations Management environment to BMC Helix Operations Management.

User persona

The tasks in this end-to-end use case must be performed by a TrueSight Operations Management administrator and a BMC Helix Operations Management tenant administrator.

Step 1: Meet the prerequisites
  1. Ensure that your TrueSight Infrastructure Management server and cell are up and running.
  2. Ensure that your BMC Helix Operations Management service is up and running.
  3. For a Windows cell host computer, configure cURL. For more information, see Installing and using cURL Open link

Step 2: Propagate events from TrueSight Operations Management
  1. Download and extract the appropriate .zip file to a temporary folder:
    (Windows cell)
    (Linux cell)
  2. Copy the TSOM_TO_BHOM_PROP.mrl file to the <MCELL_HOME>/etc/<CELL_NAME>/kb/rules folder, and add a file entry into the .load file as TSOM_TO_BHOM_PROP.
    Change the rule criteria as per your requirement.
  3. (Windows cell) Copy the files propagate_event_to_BHOM.cmd and close_propagated_event.cmd to the <MCELL_HOME>\etc\<CELL_NAME>\kb\bin\w folder.
    (Linux cell) Copy the files propagate_event_to_BHOM and close_propagated_event to the <MCELL_HOME>/etc/<CELL_NAME>/kb/bin/A folder.
  4. Update propagate_event_to_BHOM and close_propagated_event
    BHOM_HOST=<BHOM host> 
    API_KEY=<tenant API key>
  5. Compile the cell using the command mccomp -n <CELL_NAME>.
  6. Reload the cell KB configuration using the command mcontrol -n <CELL_NAME> reload kb.
  7. Send sample events as per the propagation rule.
    For example: msend -n  <CELL_NAME> -a EVENT -m "TSOM to BHOM EVENT" -r CRITICAL -v
    Note that the cell event mc_ueid and the BHOM event _identifier slot will have the same value as the unique identifier.
  8. Events are closed in the BMC Helix Operations Management console when the same events are closed in the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server.
    To close the sample event in the cell, run the following command in the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server:
    msetmsg -n <CELL_NAME> -u <event_handle> -S status=CLOSED

Step 3: View events in BMC Helix Operations Management
  1. Log in to BMC Helix Operations Management.
  2. View the propagated events on the Monitoring > Events page.

    You can also view these events on the Monitoring > Event Analysis page.

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