23.3 enhancements and patches

Review the BMC Helix Dashboards 23.3 enhancements and patches for features that will benefit your organization and to understand changes that might impact your users.

VersionSaaSOn premisesFixed issuesUpdates and enhancements



Known and corrected issuesUpdates



Known and corrected issuesUpdates



Known and corrected issues23.3.00 enhancements

For updates and enhancements in the previous release and its patches, see Release notes and notices.

BMC applies upgrades as described in the  BMC Helix Upgrade policy Open link . BMC applies upgrades and patches during  Maintenance windows Open link .


Display content in French

As an administrator, change the locale setting to display the content of BMC Helix Dashboards in the French language. Currently, BMC Helix Dashboards supports limited localization. For information about the localized and non localized artifacts, see Localizing the content of dashboards.

Analyze past predictions by using the Prediction Analysis dashboard

As an operator or a site reliability engineer, use the Prediction Analysis dashboard to view and analyze past predictions. With this analysis, you can perform these tasks:

  • Identify issues that impact a service the most
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Optimize and minimize the service degradation through proactive remediation

For details, see Prediction Analysis dashboard.

Audit deleted events

Audit deleted events by using the BMC Helix Audit Dashboard. View the audit trail to track the event deletion history and achieve improved user accountability, compliance with organization policies, and system security.

For details, see the following topics:

Learn about Dashboards improvements

This release includes the following improvements:

Use the Top N Rank advanced function to display values according to ranks.Creating dashboards with advanced functions
Share dashboard reports via email as separate CSV file attachments.Scheduling reports for automatic distribution
(Controlled availability customers only) Remove the date filters that are not required for the Service Management query type.Filtering data and personalizing dashboards


Display content in Spanish

As an administrator, you can change the locale setting to display the content of BMC Helix Dashboards in Spanish language. For details, see Configuring dashboards, panels, and queries.

Create dynamic HTML content by using the Dynamic Text visualization

As a dashboard user, you can use the Dynamic Text visualization plug-in to convert text or tabular data into dynamic HTML content such as information cards. For details, see Out-of-the-box visualization plugins.


The following video (2.40) provides an overview of the features and enhancements added to BMC Helix Dashboards 23.3 release:

 Watch the YouTube video about What's new in BMC Helix Dashboards 23.3

Manage multiple companies

As a tenant administrator, you can configure multiple companies in a single tenant of BMC Helix Dashboards to help you visualize and monitor the data centrally. This feature reduces the cost of configuring and maintaining separate tenants. Users can only view the data of their own companies or subcompanies. For more information, see Managing multiple companies in BMC Helix Dashboards.

Manage the capacity of Solaris infrastructure with an out-of-the-box dashboard

Use the Solaris Dashboard to visualize and manage the capacity of your Solaris infrastructure. Analyze the capacity usage of Solaris hosts, LDOMs, and zones to identify capacity-specific risks and issues. For more information, see Solaris Dashboard.

Display content in German

As an administrator, you can specify to display content for all the BMC Helix Dashboards users in German language. For more information, see Configuring dashboards, panels, and queries.

View new metrics on the Self Monitoring dashboard

The following new metrics are added to the Self Monitoring dashboard:

  • Archival and restore log volume
  • Archival and restore days
  • Log ingestion details (top 10 collectors and hosts by log volume) 

For more information, see Self Monitoring dashboard.

Experience enhanced reporting with Grafana 9.5.3

BMC Helix Dashboards is upgraded to Grafana 9.5.3, which offers a consolidated view of data from applications across your environment. 

What's changed in the new UI

The following table compares the old and the new UI:

Feature or OptionUI in earlier releasesUI in 23.3
To navigate from the Home page Use the navigation pane to select options.

Use the navigation menu to view and select options.

To create a dashboard or import a dashboardIn the navigation pane, hover over Dashboards and select New Dashboard or Import.

On the Home page, click to create a new dashboard or import a dashboard.

To edit or remove a panelClick the small down arrow next to the panel title and select an option.

Click the menu icon on the panel.

To view the available data sources From the navigation pane, select Configuration > Data source.

From the navigation menu ,  select Connections > Data sources.

To view the configuration optionsFrom the navigation pane, click Configuration.

From the navigation menu ,  select Administration.

To access user profile From the user icon, click Preferences.

From the user icon, click Profile.

To access out-of-the-box dashboardsFrom the navigation pane, select Browse > Dashboards.

From the navigation menu , select Dashboards.

Help, Profile, and User optionsFind in the navigation pane.Find in the console.
Quick searchUse the Ctrl + K keyboard shortcut.

On the Home page, use the Search or jump to the field .

New Dashboard optionWhen you click New Dashboard, the Add panel page opens.

When you click New Dashboard, the following options are displayed:

  • Add visualization
  • Add row
  • Import library panel
Panel title in a dashboardPanel title at the center of the panel.Panel title adjacent to the panel.
Options in the Dashboard settings pageOptions are displayed as tabs. Options are displayed in the left pane.
An out-of-the-box dashboardWhen you open the dashboard, the Playlists, Library panels, and Calculated fields options are available as tabs.

When you open the dashboard, the Playlists, Library panels, and Calculated fields options are available in the left pane.

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