Reducing event noise in BMC Helix Operations Management


Reduce event noise by identifying actionable events by using  BMC Helix Dashboards and create an event suppression policy to suppress them by using BMC Helix Operations Management.

Step 1: In BMC Helix Dashboards
  1. Identify the actionable events. Do the following:

    1. Open BMC Helix Dashboards and open the Event Data dashboard.
    2. Analyze the displayed data to identify actionable events.
  2. Cross launch to BMC Helix Operations Management. Do the following:

    1. In BMC Helix Dashboards, open the Event Data dashboard.
    2. Click the Event Analytics link to open the Event Analysis page in the BMC Helix Operations Management console.
Step 2: In BMC Helix Operations Management

Create a suppression policy to reduce event noise. Do the following:

  1. Specify a unique name, an optional description, and a precedence number for the policy.
  2. Create the event selection criteria based on which the policy is applied to events.
  3. Select the time frame for which the policy must be active.
  4. Select the Suppression policy type and configure it. For details, see Configuring event policies Open link .
  5. Enable and save the policy.

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