Scheduling a rollout

The Assigned Schedule tab displays the execution schedule defined for the selected rollout. It allows you to modify this schedule an/or to reassign the rollout to its targets.

To generate the rollout package

If the rollout is to be available on the Rollout Server page of the HTML agent interface for 'pulling' the rollout to the device and then installing it (formerly Pull Rollout ), a specific self-extracting installation package must be generated.

  1. Select Edit > Generate Rollout Package  .
    The package is immediately generated and made available on the Rollout Server and its browser page.

To start a rollout after all configurations

After all the configuration of a rollout is defined and it is assigned to its targets and its schedule specified, it can be launched:

  1. Select Edit > Start Rollout .

The rollout is launched immediately ignoring any schedule that can be defined for it.

To schedule the rollout at a given time and date

In the Core Setup Configuration window, ensure that the Configure a custom schedule for this rollout (default is one immediate execution) box is selected. Then, after the Targets & Accounts window, the Schedule window appears.

  1. Select the Validity tab.
  2. Define in the Execution Date box at what moment the rollout is to be launched for the first time (for example, at the next device startup).
  3. Define in the Termination box when the rollout is to be run for the last time (for example, stop after 5 executions).
  4. Select the Frequency tab.

    Here you can define the exact day, time or frequency at which the rollout is to be launched on the target. To run the rollout more than once makes sense only if you expect that some rollout executions might not succeed at the first try.

  5. Click Finish .

The rollout is now defined and scheduled to be executed at the specified time.

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