BMC Client Management web console overview

Using the BMC Client Management web console, enables you to view and manage devices with a web browser. 

When you start the BMC Client Management web console, the Welcome page is displayed as follows.

The following table describes the UI elements on the Welcome page.




The web console enables you to search for a specific device on the network. For more information, refer to Object search.

Click Refresh to update the search index with the new or modified devices.

Remote ControlYou can remotely control the selected device. For more information on this topic, refer to Remotely controlling a device.
Asset discovery You can remotely make an inventory of the devices that are connected to the network but on which no BMC Client Management (BCM) agent is installed. You can collect the software and hardware inventory of these devices. For more information, see Discovering assets.

Instant messaging recordings: you can view the stored chat conversations between the help-desk agents and end users. For more details, see Chatting with the end users via the web console.

Credentials: you can view, modify, delete your credentials. For more information on this topic, refer to Managing account credentials.


Licenses: You can control your access to functionalities on the console. For more information, see Managing licenses for BMC Client Management

Financial asset management: Access your asset management workflow, such as: receiving assets, tracking financial data, retiring assets, and reporting on depreciation. See more information at Configuring Financial Asset Management.

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Preferences: This option enables you to set the web console preferences and launch the Java WebStart package. When you are using HTTPS (the default), this menu contains a link to the certificate installation page. If you install the certificate to the "Trusted root certification authorities" store, it provides better performance, particularly when using remote control.

For more information on this topic, refer to Setting preferences and downloading the Java console.

On the Welcome page, when you select a device from the list of devices, the device information is displayed as shown in the following image.

This page enables you to perform the following:

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