22.4.00 enhancements and patches

Review the BMC Client Management 22.4.00 enhancements and patches for features that will benefit your organization and to understand changes that might impact your users.

VersionFixed issuesUpdates and enhancements
22.4.04 (240103k)Known and corrected issues


22.4.03 (231017t)Known and corrected issues


22.4.02 (230801m)Known and corrected issuesNone
22.4.01 (230227q)Known and corrected issuesNone
22.4.00Known and corrected issues22.4.00 enhancements

BMC applies patches during  Maintenance windows Open link .

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Release notes and notices

BMC Client Management training and certification Open link

Manage Android mobile devices 

Use Mobile Device Management to configure, manage, and control the Android mobile devices that your employees use to stay connected to business data round-the-clock. BMC Client Management uses the Android Management API to manage the Android devices. For more information about Mobile Device Management, see Mobile device management

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Improved search and indexing

Use Quick Search to search for devices that run the Windows operating system, devices that have Photoshop installed, devices with an Intel processor, and so on. You can expand the search string by using logical operators and capabilities.

For more information about Quick and Advanced searches, see Searching objects. To learn about new configuration options, see Quick Search settings. To obtain the most accurate search results, see Search Syntax and Search Requests

Enhanced patch management capabilities

To view all patches, including superseded ones, use the Patch Management module with the Report Replaced Patches option. If this option is set to true, all superseded patches are displayed in patch inventories. You can apply any patch from the list and not just the last one.

Use the Report Replaced Patches option on a patch group to apply a whole series of patches from the first patch you are missing to the most recent one available.

Download patches directly from the internet without using a relay, with the Download Patch From Internet option.

For more information, see Setting the Patch Management module parameters

Improved proxy communication

Use the Proxy Mode parameter to configure the HTTP(S) proxy usage. You can bypass local subnets check for Patch Management, Update Manager, and OS Deployment (Windows ADK). For more information, see Connecting to a proxy server.

Reverse proxies are supported in BMC Client Management. For more information, see Configuring communication through a reverse proxy.

For more information about using proxies with patch management, see Setting the Patch Management module parameters.

Additional capabilities in the BMC Client Management web console

The following additional capabilities are available in the BMC Client Management web console:

  • Manage financial assets 
  • Access and configure logging
  • View the inventory history 
  • Discover assets in your IT environment
  • Configure BMC Client Management agents
  • View license information
  • Manage the agent's logs.

Other updates

Manage SCAP zip files by using the Update Manager 

You can update SCAP packages by using the Update Manager. Imported SCAP packages can be extracted if you have a Compliance license. For more information, see SCAP Packages

Remotely control devices running on Linux and macOS

Support for instant messaging on Linux

Instant messaging is fully supported on Linux, Windows, and macOS devices. For more information, see Chatting with the end users.

Support for message boxes on Linux

Message boxes are fully supported on Linux, Windows, and macOS devices. For more information, see User Message Box steps.

Manage files by using Direct Access 

  • Edit files of up to 20MB on a device, by using Direct Access. You receive a notification that you are editing a large file if the size exceeds 1MB. For more information, see Managing File System
  • You can create a file on a device, by using Direct Access. For more information, see Managing direct access to a device.

Update JDK by using the Update Manager

You can update the Java Development Kit by using the Update Manager. For more information, see Managing update configurations

Change the default chassis ID/type mapping

You can change the default chassis ID/type mapping to suit your IT environment. Some types however cannot be changed, for example, virtual machines do not have a chassis type. For more information, see Mapping Device Type to Chassis Type.

Enhanced Asset Discovery configuration

Asset Discovery uses sudo by default when discovering Linux servers. For more information, see Configuring Asset Discovery module parameters.  

Improved Rollout Timeout

The Rollout Timeout is 30 minutes. Operation requirements below this threshold are not impacted. The old timeout remains when re-executing the 32-bit installer on a 64-bit machine. For more information, see Rolling out agents

Enhanced cookie configuration for BMC Helix Single Sign-On

You can specify a name for the BMC Helix Single Sign-On (HSSO) cookie to prevent the CheckConfig web service from collecting it. For more information, see BMC Helix Single Sign-On parameters.

Manage a repository of trusted SSL authorities

Manage a repository of general trusted SSL authorities by adding the system certificates. You can also manage your own list of trusted SSL authorities in Update Management. For more information on security parameters, see Setting the Security parameters

Security updates

This release contains a number of security improvements and fixes. 

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