This section provides information about upgrading the BMC Client Management product on all supported platforms. The platform upgrade sections also contain instructions for performing any necessary pre-installation and post-upgrade procedures.

For BMC Cloud hosted BMC Helix Client Management, patching is undertaken by BMC. For information on the scheduling of such patches, see the BCM Client Management Patch deployment schedule.

Supported upgrade paths


If you are upgrading your agents manually, ensure that you always upgrade your master first, and then the agents. An agent cannot communicate with a master that is of an earlier version than the agent.

If you are upgrading from version 12.5 and earlier, ensure that you first upgrade the master, relay, and client to 12.6/12.7/12.8/12.9 and then only you can upgrade to the 20.08 version.

The installation or upgrade scripts check if the operating system and the current BMC Client Management version is supported by the 20.08 version. So upgrading to the 20.08 version from the unsupported versions of BMC Client Management or unsupported operating systems is no longer possible. For a list of the supported operating systems, see Software requirements.

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