Integrating with BMC Helix Digital Workplace

BMC Client Management integrates with  to offer different services through operational rules and mobile commands created in BMC Client Management. Service administrators use the BMC Client Management connector in   workflows to invoke the services exposed to the application by using web services. All the operational rules created in the BMC Client Management are automatically exposed to  as out-of-the-box services.

For more information about integrating with , and BMC Client Management connectors, see Integrating BMC Digital Workplace Catalog with BMC Client Management and BMC Client Management connectors in the  online documentation.

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BMC Client Management

BMC Client Management administrator


Configure the web services module on the BMC Client Management master server.

Configuring the web service

BMC Client Management administrator


Configure an account that has Write permission on the master server.

Creating an Administrator

BMC Client Management administrator


Create the operational rules that you want to expose as services to .

Applying operational rules

BMC Client Management administrator


Create the mobile commands that you want to expose as services to .

Performing remote operations on managed mobile devices



Create and configure a connection with BMC Client Management in .

    • To run operational rules, select Client Management Connector.
    • To run mobile commands, select Client Management Command Connector. 
Configuring service connectors



Select and import the operational rules from BMC Client Management into . These imported operational rules are configured in to be offered as services in .

Importing service catalog items from external systems



For each service, create a catalog profile, attach workflow, and build the service questionnaire.

To configure a service for BMC Client Management

End user


Request a service in .

To request a service in BMC Digital Workplace self-service 

After the workflow is invoked, the service status is set as Work in progress. After the service request is fulfilled (operational rule or mobile command deployed), the service request status is updated to Closed. Go the BMC Client Management console and check if the rule is assigned to the device.

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