BMC Client Management automates client management helping organizations control costs, maintain compliance, and reduce data and financial risks. From device acquisition to disposal, BMC Client Management provides an accurate view of software installations, ensures device adherence to organizational and industry policies, and supports systems and software currency.
Release notes and notices
updated 27 Nov

Learn what’s new or changed for BMC Client Management 20.08, including new features, urgent issues, documentation updates, and fixes or patches.

The following table lists the enhancements in this release:

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27 November 202020.08 Patch 1 (201027r)

Fixes a number of important defects.

21 August 2020

20.08 enhancements

This version includes the following enhancements and unavailable features:


  • Enhancements to remote control
  • Enhancements to Patch Management
  • Enhancements to the web console
  • Enhancements to the Java console
  • Enhancements to the security settings
  • Implementation of the bearer authentication scheme
  • In-product messaging

Unavailable feature:

  • The SCAP validation package that was present in earlier versions is removed from BMC Client Management version 12.9. Therefore, verifying an imported SCAP package is currently not possible.

For BMC Cloud hosted BMC Helix Client Management, patching is undertaken by BMC. For information on the scheduling of such patches, see the BMC Client Management Patch deployment schedule.


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Getting started


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Concepts, architecture, deployment, planning, and system requirements.



Information about installing the product and migrating product data.



Upgrade process, migration, and configuration.



Issues resolution, error messages, logs, and contacting Support.



Interface descriptions, using the product.



Security, system administration, maintenance.



Development interfaces and toolkits.



Integrations with other products.
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