Transferring files between devices via direct access

You can also retrieve the test.txt file from the remote device and save it on your local device.

  1. Select File Transfer .
    The File Transfer window opens on the screen. This window allows you to copy files from the local to the remove device and vice versa.
  2. Find the source file, that is, the test.txt file to be copied in the tree hierarchy of the remote device and select it.
  3. Select the target directory, that is, c:/temp on your local device.
  4. Click the arrow between the two boxes to start the transfer.

    The transfer can be stopped and thus the file copy being cancelled by clicking Cancel the current transfer .

  5. Select Close at the bottom of the window when all required files were transferred.
  6. You can delete the test.txt file on the remote device in the same way as you would do on your local device.
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