Supported services

This KM enables you to monitor the performance of the cloud environment and optimize the service level by using the following capabilities:

  • In-depth monitoring capabilities:
    With BMC PATROL for AWS you can configure multiple accounts provided by Amazon Web Services and collect performance data by leveraging the data collection and monitoring capabilities of the PATROL Agent. You can monitor the following services. The Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2), Elastic Block Store (EBS), and Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) services are monitored by default.

    Apache KafkaMonitors the performance and availability of Apache Kafka service including brokers, clusters, and topic.

    API Gateway

    Monitors API stage and provides information about errors, cache hits, count, and latency.

    Auto Scaling

    Monitors the changes in the number of EC2 instances in Auto Scaling groups. It provides information about CPU, disks, and network usage.


    Monitors CloudFront distribution instance and provides information about error rates, bytes uploaded and downloaded, and requests.

    Cloud HSM

    Monitors all cloud hardware security modules and provides information about HSM keys, HSM SSL, temperature, users, and Eth2 interface.
    Code Build ProjectMonitors performance and build data of projects.

    Document DB

    Monitors DocumentDB instances and clusters and provides information about storage, cache, connections, CPU, replica lag, disks, memory, and network.


    Monitors DynamoDB tables and provides information about consumed read and write capacity, request latency, and throttled read and write requests.
    ECS Task Definition FamilyMonitors ECS Task Definition Family service.
    Elastic BeanstalkMonitors the performance and availability of the elastic beanstalk environments and its EC2 instances.
    Elastic Block StorageProvides data for the elastic block storage (EBS) used by the instance. 


    Monitors memcached and Redis clusters and nodes and provide information about CPU utilization, swap usage, free memory of cache nodes.

    Elastic Container Service

    Monitors ECS clusters and provides information about count, CPU, memory, and tasks. Also monitors container insights.

    Elastic File System (EFS)

    Monitors elastic file systems and provides information about credit balance, client connections, data read and written, metadata, and operations.
    Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)Monitors elastic Kubernetes clusters, namespace, pods, and node groups.
    Elastic Load BalancersMonitors data for the elastic load balancer (ELB) used by the EC2 instance. 
    ElasticsearchMonitors Elasticsearch clusters, Kibana, data nodes, JVM GC, master node, and threadpools.


    Monitors EMR clusters and provides information about apps, containers, and cluster memory.


    Monitors IoT protocols, rule actions, and rules. It provides information about connect and publish subscribe errors for protocols, and topic match for rules.
    Kinesis Data AnalyticsMonitor Kinesis Data Analytics for SQL and Apache Flink applications.
    Kinesis Data FirehoseMonitors data for the Kinesis Data Firehose delivery stream.
    Kinesis Data StreamMonitors data for Kinesis Data Stream.
    Kinesis Video StreamMonitors data for Kinesis Video Stream.


    Monitors lambda functions for duration, errors, and invocations of Lambda functions.


    Monitors OpsWorks stack, layer, and instances. It provides information about CPU, memory, load, and processes.


    Monitors Redshift clusters and nodes and provides information about CPU and disk space utilization and read and write latency.

    Relational Database Services (RDS)

    Monitors the availability of RDS instances. It provide information about database instance status, clusters, database connections, and free storage space.

    Route 53

    Monitors the health checks configured in the Route 53 service. It provides information about status, connection time, and time of first byte of health checkers.

    Simple Notification Service (SNS)

    Monitors published, failed, and delivered SNS notifications.
    Simple Queue Service (SQS)Monitors sent, received, and deleted SQS messages.

    Simple Storage Service (S3)

    Monitors storage and requests for S3 buckets and provides information about requests, errors, bytes uploaded and downloaded for requests, and bucket size bytes for storage.

    Storage Gateway

    Monitors cache, cloud bytes and latency, upload buffer, and working storage of storage gateways.
    Virtual Private Cloud AvailabilityMonitors availability of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) NAT gateways.
    VPC Transit GatewayMonitors transit gateways and transit gateways attachments.
    VPC VPNMonitors site-to-site connections, site-to-site tunnels, and site-to-site VPN connections.

    Web Application Firewall

    Monitors web application firewalls and provides information about access control list, firewall rule group rules, and web access control list rule groups.
  • Improved visualization through automatic creation and maintenance of Amazon Web Services topology construct views.
  • Configuring and monitoring accounts provided by Amazon Web Services by using a TrueSight console or BMC Helix Operations Management:
    With version 2.1.00 of BMC PATROL for AWS and version 9.5.00 of PATROL Agent and above, you can configure monitoring of accounts and web services provided by Amazon Web Services by using version 9.5.00 of the BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration console and above. This improves administrative efficiency and effectiveness by allowing configuration of web services and accounts provided by Amazon Web Services by using BMC ProactiveNet policies.
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