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Configuring license types

License types are used for software license management.

The license type wizard allows administrators with Contract Config or Asset Config permissions to create custom license types for license certificates. After the license type wizard has been completed and the license type has been saved, the license types are used when a contract manager or software asset manager creates certificates.

When the license engine runs, company and product information and answers to questions supplied when the certificate was created are used to determine which CIs should be connected to the license certificates. Compliance is also calculated based on the answers to questions supplied and the configured compliance actions which act on these values.

You can use license types to specify the following information:

  • What questions a contract manager or software asset manager must answer when adding a new software license certificate
  • How connection questions are used to select CIs from BMC Atrium CMDB. For more information about BMC Atrium CMDB, see BMC Atrium Core architecture and features.
  • How compliance is computed based on compliance questions and actions specified during license type creation, such as relating CIs to a license certificate or creating exceptions
    You cannot modify license types after they have been used to create certificates.


    For examples of how to configure your own license types, see Create license type examples.

For more information about configuring the license engine to run jobs, see Configuring the license engine to run and Configuring the license engine. For more information about running jobs, see Running a job immediately.

For more information about configuring license types, see the following topics:

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