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User scenarios

This section describes common BMC Remedy IT Service Management user scenarios that you encounter as IT support staff.

Calbro Services user personas help to illustrate the user scenarios. The typical steps described by these user scenarios are in keeping with BMC recommendations as outlined by BMC Service Management Process Model (BMC SMPM).

The user scenarios indicate people that are included with sample data. For each of these people, the user name is the person's first name, and the password is password.

The user scenarios do not necessarily refer to specific Calbro Services sample data (for information about Calbro Services, see Calbro Services). To follow the user scenarios, in some instances, you might need to create your own sample data (for example, bulk inventory CIs). In addition, you might need to grant additional permissions to certain users.

The following high-level common BMC Asset Management user scenarios that you typically encounter as IT support staff are describes using the Calbro Services sample data:

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