This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Use cases

Consult the following use cases for information on how to achieve value with BMC Helix Innovation Suite :

Use caseBusiness valueProducts used

Use cases for Action Request System

Altering a notification process on BMC Helix Innovation Suite

Helps an administrator, application business analyst, and developer to interoperate between Action Request System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio . 

  • Application administration console
  • Developer Studio
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio
Creating interactive dashboards for your applications by using BMC Helix DashboardsEnables an administrator to create interactive dashboards for Service Management applications.
  • BMC Helix Dashboards
  • BMC Helix ITSM applications
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio applications
Integrating third-party products with BMC Helix Innovation Suite by using REST APIs

Enables an administrator to integrate Action Request System with third-party products.

  • Action Request System third-party application
Using Email Engine to enable email driven business processes

Enables a user to instruct the AR System server   to perform queries, submissions, or modifications to entries, all by using email.

  • Email Engine
Using Approval Server to automate the approval-driven business processesEnables a use to drive approval for a business process
  • Approval Server
  • BMC Helix ITSM applications
Using BMC Helix Innovation Suite to enable business process automationEnables a user to automate many business processes without learning a programming language or using complex development tools.
  • Action Request System
  • BMC Helix ITSM
Using Migrator to automate migration of data and objects between AR System servers

Enables an administrator to migrate Action Request System objects and data.

  • Action Request System
  • Migrator
Encryption Security to enable secure communication between the client and server

Enables AR System server and its clients to communicate securely over a network by encrypting the messages sent between them.

  • AR System server
  • Encryption Performance Security
Load balancers in AR System

Enables an administrator to achieve scalability through the ability to add AR System server as demand and workload increase.

  • AR System server
  • Load balancer
Unicode in AR SystemEnables an administrator to convert characters from a character set.
  • AR System server
(For On-premises deployments only) How Distributed Server Option manages distributed business requestsEnables an administrator to transfer requests between servers and to keep copies of a request synchronized across multiple servers, even if those servers are geographically dispersed.
  • Distributed Server Option ( DSO )
  • AR System server

Use cases for BMC Helix Innovation Studio

Empowering non-developers to develop codeless applications Open link

Helps an application business analyst to create codeless applications in a few clicks with minimal dependency on developers or development environment, and to promote codeless applications from a development to test or production environments.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio

Leveraging cognitive capabilities in your application Open link

Helps a developer to automate the manual tasks, such as data categorization and task assignment, by using machine learning in their applications.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio
  • IBM Watson

Leveraging conversation capabilities in your application Open link

Helps a developer to build an application that uses the chatbot framework.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio
  • IBM Watson

Leveraging machine learning metrics to improve cognitive service data sets Open link

Helps an administrator to test the accuracy of cognitive service data sets when you use in BMC Helix Cognitive Automation for auto-categorization, auto-assignment, and chatbot capabilities.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio
  • IBM Watson

Leveraging search in your application Open link

Helps an administrator and application business analyst to leverage cognitive search, full text search, or global search in an application
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio
  • IBM Watson Discovery

Automating tasks through emails Open link

Helps an application business analyst to use an incoming mailbox to automate certain tasks and to use an outgoing mailbox to send email notifications.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio

Extendable application definitions to allow additive changes Open link

Helps a developer to create extendable definitions. Extendable definitions ensure that the out-of-the-box objects remain unchanged, but developers can add or remove new objects.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio

Support for text summarization in your application Open link

Generates a summary of any input text, attachment text, email, and chat conversations for the support agents to help them quickly resolve requests.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio

Enabling real-time translation for an application Open link

Helps an administrator to localize an application by leveraging real-time translation providers such as Google Cloud Translation Services version 2 and Microsoft Azure Translator Speech API version 3
  • Google Cloud Translation Services
  • Microsoft Azure Translator Speech
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio
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