This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Structure of the localized environment

You can define the structure of the localized environment, but users decide the language in which they want to view and process data. Users set the locale preference that drives the selection process when looking for localized AR System  components. Users define their locale by the language they speak, and the country where that language is spoken. To localize AR System  components, associate them with a specific locale.

You can create locale-specific views of forms to accommodate the preferred locale of your users. Users generally log on specifying their language _country preference, but, when defining the locale for a form view (or any AR System  component), administrators can define only the language portion of the variable. Users can log on with their language _country preference, for example, fr_CA (French Canadian), but only a single form view is needed with an fr locale specified to accommodate all French-speaking countries. ( AR System  supports only the pt_BR language _country preference for the Portuguese locale.)

A localized view of a form is accessed in a browser by specifying the preferred locale in a URL. For information about opening forms in a browser, see Providing URLs for forms and applications.

AR System  is designed with a fallback lookup mechanism when searching for a view to display. This enables AR System  to find a view to open even when the user does not specify a locale. For more information about the fallback lookup mechanism, see Localizing form views.

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