This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Setting user preferences for localized views

Users or administrators can set user preferences.

Users logging in using a browser and users who want to have the same settings and customizations available when logging in to different computers must use centralized preferences and log on with a preference server. For more information, see Setting user preferences and Setting centralized preferences with the AR System User Preference form.

Setting the user locale

Selecting a locale allows users to make entries following the prescribed format for their native country and dialect. The AR System server  uses this setting to identify and return localized information.

The User Locale selection follows ISO standards in the following format: language_country. At login, the server searches for form views that match the locale selected on the Locale tab of the AR System User Preference form.

Setting the Date and Time style and time zone

AR System  stores all Date/Time field values as integers relative to 00:00:00 GMT, January 1, 1970. Remedy AR System displays the Date/Time value relative to the time zone of the client viewing the field.

AR System  calendars follow the Gregorian format and display the month and day of the week according to the selected locale.

The Long and Short options for Date/Time Style are based on the following settings:

  • In Windows, the date and time display format is based on the Regional Setting Properties Control Panel. If the AR System server  is running under a different account name or using the default user configuration and you are unable to change the regional properties, you can set the ARDATE, ARDATEONLY, or ARTIMEONLY environment variable.
  • In the UNIX operating system, the date and time display format is based on the ARDATE, ARDATEONLY, or ARTIMEONLY environment variable for UNIX. If you do not use ARDATE, the display format is the default format for the language setting, with the time zone determined by the TZ environment variable. If you use the TZ environment variable to determine the time zone, AR System  uses the Daylight Saving Time (DST) start and end date of the US time zone. To avoid this, set the correct time zone on your system directly.

For information about these variables, see Customizing date and time settings with environment variables. For more information about short and long date/time formats, see Date and time formats.

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